Still Going on About Brad Pitt

This story seems like it has been going on forever that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are having troubles in their relationship. Something along the lines that  the two of them are spending so much time apart blah blah blah, and it goes on and on like that. So what is the real story then? Is the media just getting bored and looking for things to sive through and make stories out of? If they are, what story is it this time? Well, that Brad Pitt is spending time with an ex gal pal. Not Jennifer Aniston.

Image: Fame Images

Image: Fame Images

So what are the troubles this time between Brangelina? Could their relationship be broken? Star Magazine reports that while Angelina was in LA last month caring for their children, Brad was out and about, drinking and flirting as if he were a Bachelor. Apparently Angelina has been feeling this distance later and even suggested to plan to join Brad in Germany for the A-list event. What did Brad do? Declined her invitation. Two days before the trip he told her he thought it was best if she didn’t come. Talk about being punched in the heart. Maybe there is a little bit more trouble in paradise than we think. Seems as though these two have been rocky for a while and always trying to hide up their troubles.

Angelina tried calling Brad a few times and he didn’t pick up. He had started drinking at a photo call hours before and didn’t stop till 4am! Once he finally answered to Jolie’s phone call, he shut the phone off because all she did was nag. I would have done the same thing. He continued to party throughout the night with his gal pal Katja von Garnier.

The only tragedy here are their children. If it wasn’t for their 6 kids, Brad should be entitled to do what he wishes however it’s not fair to the little ones. They have been feeling the tension says Star Magazine.

So what next? What is going to make the couple fight next and who will hang up on whom?

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