Chandra Wilson to Guest Star in Private Practice

capphotos021885-CHANDRA-WILSON-FELIShonda Rhimes seems intent on keeping the Grey’s Anatomy cast connected to the world of Private Practice. Last season we saw several episodes in which both casts shared a common storyline, bringing both shows together as one. Now, according to Exec Producer/Creator Shonda Rhimes, in the next season of Private Practice, Bailey (Chandra Wilson), will be heading over to Oceanside to help Addison (Kate Walsh) with “a very interesting” medical procedure.

The crossover will occur during the third episode of Private Practice so be sure to tune in. It’s been revealed that per her nature Baily will “not be shy about sharing her opinions about the goings-on at Oceanside.” So we can probably guess that it’s going to be a pretty humorous episode, or at least have a lot of funny moments in it.

Bailey in Oceanside, can’t wait! Hopefully, this means we’ll see the likes of Addison also returning to Seattle Grace at some point, although there’s no indication that this will happen any time soon. All the same, crossovers are usually pretty fun, so I’m looking forward to this one.

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Via | SpoilerTV

Image: Newscom

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