Ugly Betty Surprise: Connor’s Back!

grant_bowler_nc I don’t know if this was a surprise to you, but I was shocked to discover that Connor is coming back to Ugly Betty in season four. 

According to Ausiello at EW, Grant Bowler has signed a deal with Ugly Betty producers to bring back his role of Connor Owens, the Aussie who stole Wilhelmina’s heart and all of Mode magazine’s money.  Multiple sources have confirmed this.

I really,really didn’t expect this character to be back.

This could mean some new, juicy plot lines, especially if the writers harden Wilhelmina’s heart toward Connor, as I suspect they will.  If they can resist temptation to bring the romance back, it can be a real cat and mouse game, with Wilhelmina chasing down Connor, maybe catching him.  Then, Wilhelmina can hatch an evil plot to get Mode’s money back before Daniel finds out and tries to get the money himself. 

Done correctly, this could be a lot of fun.

Or, they could bring back Connor and have Wilhelmina become a pile of mush in his presence again.  I don’t think that would be very compelling, unless it was done as a ruse, before Wilhelmina springs her trap.

A small side issue: how will Connor react to Molly’s death?  Was he really over her, and reacting to Daniel the way he did only because he “hates to lose”, as he said?  Or did Connor really, deep down love Molly (as I believe)? 

It’s just another interesting twist to the story.  Welcome back Grant (and Connor!)

Image: Newscom

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    • Marissa

      I love Connor!
      I’m not suprised that he is coming back, but I’m glad to hear that it’s official!

    • miss waiching liu

      you know tom, another theory is perhaps we might have a battle between wilhelmina and connor verses claire and cal perhaps. now THAT would be very interesting to see.

    • SirLizard

      miss waiching liu, that would be a very interesting clash of Titans, and very possible.

    • Bia

      Well, now I think that the person that Willie saw on the last episode was Connor.

    • Timmeh!

      Yay. Conor is awesome so glad he’s coming back, definately a highlight of season 3, when evil and plotting. =]

    • doniUBfan

      I still can’t believe it.He’s back. I adore Willie and Connor toether!!Can’t wait for season 4!!!

    • Nanyscia

      Yay! Love him. I agree with Tom, his return will bring lots of interesting thing in the show – just hope writers won’t make mess with such a great character. (And, yes, I still hope he isn’t who saw willie in 3.24: first, I love the chasing idea, second, I still dream that person is Fey .. )

    • miss waiching liu

      thanks sirlizard :). glad to know there are people out there who go along with this idea that i have.

    • Beatrice B

      I love Bowler. I hope they quarrel, they battle they show some passion and both remain as evil. This show needs some antagonists. I miss my old nasty Willy and why can’t she be mad and be in love at the same time?
      Bowler is pure hotness!

      I welcome the idea of the Financial Genius and the Fashion Guru join forces to battle the Harleys over the control of Mode. Let me know if the episodes are any good. I might catch them online.

    • Awhina

      You guys r sooo lucky to have Grant (Wolfgang West)! He is sadly missed back here in (NZ) New Zealand from our hit show “OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE” … he is the SHIT! we love him & miss him, ‘OF’ isn’t the same without him … do u guys even get the show over there? if not, u have sooo got to see him in it, it’s the BEST … NZ at it’s finest! we wish him all the best & hope like hell he comes back for at least one episode! WEST FOR LIFE!

    • Emma

      Hi when is tht series of ugly betty in the uk. the last episode of series has jus finished n im wantin more already…. so when is it back please?
      cant believe molly died bless made me cry a lil. daniel is so fine haha x