Angelina Jolie takes Zahara and Shiloh to Toys R Us

While Brad Pitt was hard at work in Berlin to promote Inglourious Basterds, Angelina Jolie was hanging out with Zahara and Shiloh. The beautiful trio were seen coming out of a Toys R Us. The bodyguard was pushing the cart with the bags so they didn’t come away empty-handed, I wonder what they bought!

It must be so weird to have people shouting your name when you’re out doing something as mundane as shopping. I know Angelina has been doing this for a really long time, so I guess you just get used to it after awhile but it just seems so odd to me as a non-celeb – when someone calls my name from across the parking lot, it’s because it’s a friend of mine, not someone wanting pictures!

I’m glad that Angelina, Zahara, and Shiloh had some time together, especially since Maddox got to go on a special trip with his mom. Hopefully Pax will be the next one we get to see having some time out and about!

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