• Sat, Jul 18 2009

Lindsay Lohan Hides in Malibu

Lindsay Lohan tried to cover herself from the paparazzi late last night as she was seen at a Malibu beach house, returning from dinner at Taverna Tony’s. Carrying on from the day, Lindsay also took aim with her water gun!

Lindsay also put out a few tweets, mostly in reply to fans. However, one was in reply to Sam Ronson, who shared a link to her shoes, to which Lindsay tweetedi want them! — oh wait.. i got them already hehehe

Update: now with video:

Images: Pacific Coast News

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  • Lidia Lohan

    hahahaha, that’s why I love her, because,…because she’s unpredictable, yeah,she’s LINDSAY LOHAN!

  • herbiefrog

    forgot we were back online… took out recording [or not?] a new film [to us]
    we enjoyed the vouge adventure : )) having a great life is what it’s all about… where do think you’l;l be in 10,000 years ? or even 3951 or so? p[[[[[what ?… send it

  • http://yahoo brian HEART lindz

    lookin good in VOGUE

  • http://yahoo brian HEART lindz


  • http://yahoo brian HEART lindz


  • zypher

    she’s like my girlfriend…so full of unpredictable things,…..annoying but i seriously cant live without her..