New Details About Grey’s Anatomy Season 5 Finale

So, this is certainly not a spoiler (unless you haven’t seen last season’s finale, in which case, shoo… ), but it’s definitely pretty interesting. During his latest Ask Ausiello column, Michael Ausiello revealed some details about the season five finale that most of us probably didn’t know. The details pertain to the heavenly-elevator scene where we see Izzie in the elevator and George standing outside of it.

According to Ausiello, the scene was originally shot with Denny standing in George’s place. But Shonda Rhimes had a last minute epiphany that it should be George not Denny standing there.

Since production had wrapped up by that point, some issues got in the way of them reshooting that scene. The first is that Katherine Heigl was somewhere else entirely. The second involves T.R. Knight’s head. Ausiello says to pick up the new issue of EW for further details.

My guess is that T.R. Knight got a hair cut right after production wrapped and that’s the reason we see him in a military uniform rather than scrubs.

What do you think of the change? Would you have had an entirely different reaction had it been Denny standing there, rather than George?


Via | Ausiello

Image: Newscom

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    • janie

      well i guess that scene was so powerful because it was george there. it would have been to predictable if it was denny.

    • Tina

      i thought it was AWESOME how george was standing there, coz as soon as u saw izzie in the elevator u expected denny, thats how it always goes. it was adorable how george was there instead. plus it worked rly well with the whole idea of if they actually died or not.

    • Elizabeth

      Yeah, I think the scene is better with George there. It would have been nice with Denny also, but George just made it that much more emotional and powerful.

    • Tamsin

      If George is really gone, as it’s been said, I’m glad for that last moment of closure to remember George is the man of excellence he had become, and not the bloody mess a bus accident had made him. Wonder if Shonda knew at that point that TR wouldn’t be back next season…

    • charlotte

      i was expecting it to be Denny but i guess using George made sense as they are destined together

    • Liga

      It was perfect!! They both are friends and close to death.
      In this moment has felt strong emotions and frienship. Ideal end of season.