Katie Continues Her Dance Lessons While in Melbourne

Katie Holmes & Guy Pierce On Set Of 'Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark' (USA ONLY) The Herald Sun says that Katie Holmes has been taking dance lessons while in Melbourne. She was seen taking a private class at Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance studio.

They went on to say that she spent about two hours at the North Melbourne studio owned by the So You Think You Can Dance judge.

Jason Coleman wouldn’t comment about Katie, but it’s believed she was put in contact with him via the people at the US version of the show.

So, the question is…is Katie dancing for fun or is there more to this? Maybe this is how she stays in shape.

Don’t forget that we get to see Katie’s Judy Garland number on the season finale of “So You Think You Can Dance” on July 23rd. Who’s planning on tuning in? I know I will!

Image Credit: Flynet

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    • kate

      I plan on watching it too.

    • jenna

      Katie needs to relax when she is done filming for the day. If she is working all day on the set and then she is dancing at night, what time is left to be with Suri? Not good, in my opinion. Suri was just dragged off to another locale yet again. There is no stability geographically for her which I find to be unfortunate. I feel Katie should head home to her hotel after filming and play with Suri every night after work to allow Suri to have some familiarity in an otherwise unfamiliar surrounding. The 39th floor of a hotel is not that kid-friendly. If Katie wanted the lifestyle where she can be selfish with her time, performing all day, dancing at night, then she should not have put a child into that mix. She’s mom too so she needs to realize that every hour of the day does not belong to her only. When is she playing with Suri, cuddling her and reading her books? For two hours at night? Thats not enough, and having Suri in the dance studio to watch Katie dance is not quality time. Cradling her and reading to her is. I am not saying Katie cannot work, I am only saying that I know how long being on a movie set can be-12-14 hour days so now she squeezes in dancing afterwards???? Go home (back to the 39th floor) to snuggle with your little girl Katie, your not a single, childless woman who can devote all her time to what you want to do, please spend time with Suri!

    • annie

      I’m sure Katie doesn’t neglect Suri, maybe she went back to LA with her dad, or comes to the set later in the day to be with her mum, there is just no sign of her, or Katie when she’s not on set. The only thing sometimes that passes through my mind, is that I hope Katie doesn’t set out on a mission to convince people that there is more to her than being Mrs Cruise, and goes on and on trying to prove she is somebody in her own right and loses grip on things, and I only say that because people don’t seem to take her very seriously and she gets picked on for just about everything, much much more so than other actresses around, I think it important for her that she remains really grounded. I know it sounds meladramatic but it can happen.

    • jenna

      I never thought of that Annie, but you may be on to something. I could see where a young woman like Katie may feel a need to prove herself, show off her own acting chops if you will to say hey world I am a talented actress/dancer and that my skills have nothing to do with my husband!