Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have a low-key birthday party for the twins

Over at there was a bit of information as to how Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had a nice low-key birthday party for Knox and Vivienne this past weekend.


According to the brief write-up, the Jolie-Pitt family stayed at their home in Los Angeles and invited Brad’s parents to fly in for the mini-bash. The cutest part is that Maddox, Pax,Zahara, and Shiloh all helped to bake a birthday cake for the little ones. I love that! I had my two kids help me make my birthday cake a couple of weeks ago and it’s so much fun because they get so excited, so I can imagine how thrilled they must have all been to bake cakes together!

There’s apparently a story on the twins in the current issue of People detailing this and how they’ve grown up over the past year. Since they’ve been very rarely photographed in the past year I assume the article mentions more about how they’ve traveled and the nice big family they have. Let me know if you happen to pick up a copy!

Image: Splash News Online

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    • LouAnn

      I’ll only buy a copy if there are new pictures of the twins. Otherwise, I refuse to buy magazines with Jon and/or Kate on the cover. I just want them to go away!!

    • angela

      if i’ll receive my copy tomorrow, i’ll try to scan the article. :)

      i think the older siblings helping in baking the cake was too sweet. and i think grandma and grandpa was also present on the party.

    • unknownxcat

      I wish Peace for the Jolie-Pitt family ~ <3

    • stratoula

      It must have been a great party!!!Mostly for the older kids,cause the twins are too small to understand everything!!!
      The story with the cake was really,really sweet!!!WOW!!!I guess when Angie said she wants to learn how to cook she really meant it!!!
      Thanks Sherry!!!

    • everett

      Thanks, Sherry for the info. How sweet is that! JP’s children seems to have nearly normal life, apart from the pepz taking pix every time they step out. I like looking at the pix but would like them more if they were taken with long lenzes.

    • irma

      As big as a celebrity Brad & Angie, they still managed to have a very quiet bash for the twins, which I think is more meaningful & more family oriented celebrations with the help of their g-parents who flew in from Springfield,MO. I bet they all had fun specially baking the cake, one for Viv & one for Knox ( one blue & one pink).God bless the Jolie-Pitt family.

    • joliepittfanatic

      Sherry, I am a PEOPLE subscriber, so I’ll try to do a little write-up when I recieve my copy (which should be tomorrow, but occasionally it doesn’t arrive until Saturday). :)

      Anyway, I LOVE that they made a cake for each of the twins. They seem to really be trying to stress the twins’ individuality, and I like that! It’s so easy for people to treat twins as if they were one person (especially when they’re little like Knox and Viv) rather than as individuals (such as buying two of the same toy).

    • Faye88

      I just got back from the grocery store and they happened to have the People issue about the twins birthday. I was very disappointed. They re-used 2 of the pics from the first twins issue from last year. The article was very brief, at the very end of the magazine, and almost exactly as what they had written on their website. They say the twins are healthy & happy, the other kids love to pick out their clothes and change them, and the twins are keeping everyone busy chasing after them now that they can walk. The one thing the article did was make me want to see the twins even more. They must be so cute and adorable. Just like the rest of their siblings.

      Angela – It would be great if you could scan the mag for everyone, because it’s not worth buying since Jon Gosselin is on the cover with his latest girlfriend.

    • kimmy

      many thanks to all of you guys! thanks sherry! thanks angela -for the future scans :), and faye88 for the start..
      i knew they will be having a party for the twins.. one-year-old is very special for every babies! it’s so cute that the others helped baked the cake.. i do hope Angie is the main chef for the baking.. hehehe.. chasing after them is really fun, since we already have a 1yr old too!
      i hope there are new pics.. and do hope Brad and Angie will take them out sometimes, just like Shi when she is 1yr..
      God Bless them!

    • Lina

      Sherry, Angela, and Faye88, thank you for the updates. I won’t have the chance to have my own copy so anything coming from you guys is great. Thanks again.
      God bless the Jolie-Pitt family.

    • Kati

      Thanks for the info, Sherry! I most definitely will buy that issue of People no matter how short the article itself is. I found that piece of information that the twins are healthy & happy very soothing because – as I´ve believed all the time – People isn´t one of those stupid rags that writes these unbelievable lies every week. They sure keep their mum, dad, brothers and sisters busy now that they walk. It was great that Brad and Angie invited his parents to celebrate the twins´ first b-day. That shows that everything is just fine between Jane and Angie. They sure are good friends. The older children certainly had a blast baking the cake for the twins. Maybe the other half was pink and the other half blue. Hope to see new pics of the twins soon! God bless the JPs 4ever!

    • Kati

      Faye88 – I totally agree with you. I would love to see a new pic of Knox and Viv. They sure are adorable. It would be interesting to see if Knox looks exactly like his handsome dad Brad and Vivienne resembles more her beautiful mum with those cute blue eyes inherited from daddy Brad. Their siblings sure love each one of them very much. But maybe Mad and Pax are closer to KNox since he´s a boy and the girls are starting to bond more with Viv. But still all those six sure love to play together too. And they sure have a blast running around the house following each other!

    • angela

      Hey Guys, what Faye had written was just about it, i mean the article. But it’s ok, little information about their bday is much better than having no information right? :)

      So i made a scan (here’s the whole page):

      the note on the upper left is just the quote Angie said on the debut of their twins last year, “It is chaos, but we are managing it and having a wonderful time. “

    • angela

      and i zoomed in the upper right note so you can read the very little article:

      short but very nice. atleast we now know that the twins are officially toddlers and is starting to walk. :)

    • lee

      Happy birthday to Knox and Vivi. They must be so big by now. I’m happy that Brad and Angelina have been able to keep the kids safe and away from the cameras. I actually don’t want to see any pictures of the twins anytime soon because then people start accusing them of using the kids to get publicity for the IB movie .

    • isacutie

      Thanks for the scan, Angela. So sweet that the kids helped to bake the cake, and that the twins have taken their first steps. Maybe we’ll get to see them more when they are already running about.

    • joliepittfanatic

      Kati- Actually, per the article, it was TWO cakes…one for Knox, one for Viv. :) Anyway, I was a bit dissapointed by how short the article is, too, but, as some people have already said, short is better than nothing at all. :) I also love the part about the twins being happy and healthy. Take that, Lies and S&*t (they’re the tab that had the article about Knox and Viv being fragile and allergic to a lot of stuff a few weeks back)!

    • Kati

      Joliepittfanatic- I meant to write two cakes but accidentally wrote one. Knox´s cake sure was blue and Viv´s pink. All those rags like Lies & S should first think what they write. I never doubted the twins´ health. And that little article corfirmed what I have believed all the time. Knox and Viv aren´t babies anymore. They are two adorable toddlers who sure enjoy every minute of their lives to the fullest. There sure is a lot of laughter and happiness in the family. God bless the JPs 4ever!

    • Kati

      It doesn´t matter that they used an old picture of the whole family in that article in People Magazine. The main thing is the information in that little article. It´s wonderful to know that they´re happy and healthy. I most definitely will buy this issue of People when it comes out here in Finland.