Andy Cohen Thinks Miami Social Is “Stupid”

Miami Social‘s premiere came and went this week and unsurprisingly, critics universally hated it. I mean, DUH, of course, they were going to hate it. This isn’t Emmy Award winning material. This isn’t even YouTube email forwarding material. However, one of its stars is fighting back on all us mean writers and bloggers on our turf. Yes, proving anyone can write for free, Michael Cohen has been given a column on the Huffington Post and has this to say to all you haters:miamisocial_fullcast.jpg

All in all, though, I’m not worried. That’s because we have Miami, our eighth friend, akin to the NBA 6th player. So no matter whom you want to hate on the show or whether you like us or not, Miami Social will be around for a long time. Because Miami isn’t going anywhere, and neither are we (well, maybe a few are going straight to hell…)

Um, okay. And of his friend, the “fat girl” hater? Not to worry, at point, he himself was fat:

That’s on a bad day. On a good day he’s just a twat, and that I can live with. Even though he comes across like a shallow fool who hates fat people and pities girls that were born ugly, I know that beneath it all, it’s really empathy, because he grew up a fat Jewish boy in Miami Beach. I know this because we are friends.

Alright, then. Nice of Michael to stand up for his friends, who he also apparently seems to dislike. The best, though, was Andy Cohen calling the show “stupid and sexy fun.” So, everyone, go ahead and hate Miami Social. It’s not supposed to be any good, anyway.

[Image: Bravo/NBC Universal, Via The Awl, Huffpo]

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    • meave

      Everyone ever gets to write for HuffPo, right? As long as you’ve been “seen” somewhere else first? Gross.

    • Steve O

      He gets to spew a stupid column on the pathetic Huffington Post, what a surprise. They were made for each other. Yes Michael, just like you Ariel is a complete and utter POS loser!

    • Francis

      I do think it is kind of a stupid show. And don’t get me started on the two gays! They are a hot certified mess!!! The one with the receding hairline is definitely doing some heavy drugs!!!

    • Karen Young

      I hate Cohen. His after show SUCKS!!!

    • Maria Diaz

      I think that’s Ariana’s business model, get all her BFFs to write for her. Bethenny and Alex McCord also have blogs there, although Alex is more prolific.