Robin Strasser Speaks Out About Contract


News are spreading regarding the Robin Strasser’s (Dorian, One Life To Live) contract negotiations even though there’s still a about 5 months before her contract ends. She might stay or she might go. There’s a thing called 61% pay cut  in between. Robin Strasser broke her silence, albeit not telling the whole thing.

“I know that it is a bigger paycut than other actors have been asked to take, and anybody who was asked to take a larger paycut was making two or three times as much as I was,” Strasser said of the networks final offer. “In 2003 when [executive producer] Frank Valentini broke the blacklist and got me back on the show, that necessitated my taking a 63% paycut. So I got 63% of what I had negotiated in the 1990s. So what I am seeing is something that feels disrespectful, something that feels inequitable [and] it makes me feel discriminated again by virtue of … I’m an older woman.” (*SOURCE)

There is another part of that statement from Robin. Click the “source” link to read the whole thing. Robin is however stepping away from the subject after her statement just to avoid being reactive that would understandably affect whatever negotiations she and One Life To Live are dealing with right now.

All I could say is, I hope TPTB would do everything to make sure Robin stays. Dorian Lord is an integral part of the show. If Robin decides not to renew, well, I understand too.

(Image : Zuma Press)

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