Holly Montag and Sanjaya Malakar "Are Not Dating"

Despite rumors to the contrary, Holly Montag and Sanjaya Malakar are not dating.  I know that when I holly montag watched them on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here they seemed awfully touchy-feely but that was in the jungle.  Sometimes things don’t feel the same in a real-life setting and maybe that’s the case for these two. 

Holly was at the Sports Dream Celebrity Poker pool party this weekend and she told Us magazine the following:  "We are not dating but just very close…

It was funny. I was shocked because we were such close friends, and I had no idea that anyone else thought there was anything romantic going on. People in camp joked about it, but we knew it was a joke so it was funny to us. We will continue our friendship forever.  Sanjaya came out to visit me last week!"

Holly’s brother-in-law, Spencer Pratt (who is married to her sister, Heidi), seems to be supportive of a possible relationship with Sanjaya.  Speidi were also contestants on the show but Spencer said: “I will very happily hand the famed cup of superstar couple on planet Earth to Sanjaya and Holly in a second.  Go for it!"

Maybe they are just taking it slow?  I thought they made a cute couple.  What’s a better nickname for them – Sanjolly or Hanjaya?

image: Zuma Press

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