CNTM 3.08 “Rockin’ the Runway” Recap

It’s the finale of Cycle three of Canada’s Next Top Model! Are you as excited as I am? Find out who takes it all below the jump!

Original Air Date: July 14th, 2009
Photo shoot: FASHION cover
Guest judge: Susie Sheffman
Called first: Linsay
Eliminated: Nikita
Fashion show: the Blonds
Guest jude: Nole Marin
Winner: Meaghan

The girls read the letter from Maryam and we learn Maryam was in on the “wha-at?” joke. Interesting. The final three said stuff about how the offensive last confessional was misrepresented and maybe, to some extent, that’s the case.

The girls then go to the King Edward Hotel to meet the editors of FASHION for the cover shoot for the winner. Nole wants the girls to “serve it up”. I’m going to miss him.

I have a new catchphrase. In a complete deadpan: “Bitch, I’m da bomb. Tck tck.”

For the first time, we learn about Nikita’s size-fourness. It’s not a secret, but it’s the first time it’s been brought up as a setback for her career. The editors turn it into a positive, but being a “size four on a good day” won’t get you work. Linsay has trouble with the size two dresses as well, which is worrisome. I love seeing diverse girls in fashion, but if you can’t fit, you won’t get booked.

The magazine girls love everyone, it’s ridiculous. Who is going to be eliminated?! Meaghan fits perfectly into the size two dress, which worries Nikita and Linsay.

I’m getting a t-shirt that says “That’s the f***king most phenomenal s**t of life. Bitch.” Nikita is bringing the catchphrases today.

Meaghan’s judging is up first and her cover is fabulous. Linsay is second and her cover is great, but less fabulous than Meaghan’s. Nikita is last and it’s also fabulous and also not as great as Meaghan’s. Nikita is totally going home.

I love the judges’ deliberation. Mike and Jeanne get so into it! Susie gets into it too, this is awesome. I love Canada’s Next Top Model.

Linsay gets first call out. I’m not surprised, but I’m disappointed. I was gunning for Meaghan. It’s down to Meaghan and Nikita. But Meaghan is safe! Hooray! This was the right call, Jay. Good job.

It’s time for the final runway show and it’s for the Blonds. It’s going to be close, as Linsay’s walk is fierce, but Meaghan is a better overall package. I think it’s going to come down to how the judges weigh the final show versus their overall performance and portfolios.

The clothes are hot and I’m amazed at how normal the runway show is. Where is my Dr. Seuss runway or my oil-slick orgy?! Why is Jay not on a throne? I’m so disappointed!

Meaghan looks fierce. Linsay immediately follows and she’s just as fierce. This competition is going to be clooooooose. I love Linsay’s hair, it looks awesome.

The final panel! I really wanted Elmer there, but Nole is, so that’s all good. Why wasn’t Elmer a judge?! He would have been awesome.

The judges go through the runway and their total body of work. The judges rave about Meaghan’s walk, but Mike and Yasmine have minor criticisms. Linsay gets similar stunning reviews and similar minor criticisms with her bounciness. For their overall work, it’s very back and forth. The girls make Jeanne cry and it’s actually a touching moment.

It comes down to Meaghan’s high fashion appeal and Linsay’s commercial relatability. Meaghan will work in Europe, but everyone will want to be Linsay’s friend. So what’s more important?

In the end, it’s all about who can work internationally. Meaghan wins. Elmer will be so happy – he loved her form the minute she walked in to the Toronto auditions.

I like Linsay and am confident she’ll get work.

Congrats Meaghan!!!

Images: Mike Ruiz | CTv

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    • Bazz_Cullen

      Yeah, meaghan win.. Congratz !! U rock girl..

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      haha i love it when nikita goes
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