Angelina Jolie, Zahara, and Shiloh going for a flight (video)

As you all know, Angelina Jolie took Zahara and Shiloh up for a flight the other day. They must have had such a great time! Someone was able to shoot some video of them at the airport. It’s a bit far away (which is good – less intrusive!) but you can still see them and you can tell they were excited!

I remember how exciting it was to go on a helicopter ride with my dad when I was a kid, so I can just imagine how much more thrilling it is when your parent is the actual pilot!

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    • tiana

      Finally, a website that truly sees Brad and Angie for who they REALLY are. Sherry, like you, I too believe that Brad and Angie DID not become intimate until AFTER Brad and Jennifer became separated. Many times I get upset reading all these negative, nasty, mean, sarcastic, critical articles about Angie. There are some Angie haters out there. Sometimes I think people just DON’T get it.

      Angie is my favorite celebrity/actor in the world. She is a genuinely good person, honest, open, compassionate, and truly cares about making a difference in the world. I love the Jolie-Pitts. It is so refreshing to read the truths about them on your website. Thanks Sherry!

    • E

      Joliepittfanatic – I think that is under the first thread about Angie flying Shi and Zee (without the video). Someone said something about Angie taking her kids flying and how she wouldn’t. I got the impression that she was talking about Angie’s flying experience. There was a VERY VERY SLIGHT attack (I can’t think of a word less serious than attack) on Sherry but I don’t think it was anything personal…at least I hope not.

      We are individuals and have differing opinions, but at the end of the day
      we all come to this site b/c we love us some JPs.

    • E

      Joliepittfanatic – nevermind. It was under the bday thread. Either way you already got it :-)

    • E

      Joliepittfanatic – nevermind. It was under the bday thread but either way you already got it :-)

    • kim

      Over at Randi’s site there are some great pics of AJ and the girl’s getting in the plane, really cute. Love AJ dress. On a side note I don’t under stand why people get so upset about the kids doing exciting thing (or as other people see it dangerous things). Some people are so over protective IMO.

    • Diana

      Hi, Sherry!

      Here’s a piece of news:

      The house that B&A rented while filming in Edmonton the Jesse James movie is up for sale. Just in case someone is interested in paying under $1 mil. for it.



    • joliepittfanatic

      Randi- I couldn’t agree more (about Angie’s drive in LA)! I feel so bad for Angie that she can’t even take a little ride by herself without people questioning if everything’s all right!

    • chiree

      that was amazing, those children are all so awesome. they always have there kids with them. this family is so loving and beautiful. imagine the memories the kids will have growing up. for those two girls to be with there mom flying her own plane is unimaginable. what joy they have everyday they wake up. talk about being blessed in life. i wish them all continued love and happiness.