Tahnee Atkinson is Australia’s Next Top Model!

Last night, on the live finale of Cycle 5 of Australia’s Next Top Model, curvy cutie Tahnee Atkinson beat out edgy Cassi Van Den Dungen to become Australia’s Next Top Model!

The phenomenal (but drawn out) finale featured two live performances by Jessica Mauboy, a fashion show celebrating Australian designers, a reunion, a nose bleed, a guest appearance by the finalists’ moms and so much more. It broke television records as the most watch paid television show in Australia.

Seventeen-year-old Tahnee received the votes of style director Jonathan Pease, host Sarah Murdoch and judge Charlotte Dawson.

“You have proven you can do it all,” Sarah Murdoch praised. “I’m sure there are thousands of girls out there thinking I want to be just like Tahnee.”

“I’m sure there are thousands of girls out there thinking I want to be just like Tahnee.”

While all the guest judges (and those who offered up the prizes!) cast their vote for Cassi, the audience response put Tahnee over the edge to take home the prize.

Thane felt her relatability and likability is what put her over the edge.

“I think I’ve got a body that can relate to most teenage girls,” Tahnee said during the finale.

Congratulations to Tahnee. Throughout the show, she proved her professionalism and dedication to modeling and her ability to learn quickly and grow. While she’s destined for a very different career than Cycle 3 winner Alice Burdeu, I’m sure she’ll make Sarah Murdoch, the other judges and the audience that voted for her proud!

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    • Alisha

      omg i love tahnee she ruless!!! she is so pretttyy i love herr eyees.. she is funny i love her personality its sorta the same im athletic and i love to hip hop and im a funny joker as well and yes people do sometimes get anoid of me but yeahh lol im so glad that tahnee won woooo!!!! YOUR AWESOME TAHNEEE

    • Khatty Cutamora

      Congratulations to Tahnee. I really like her and I can relate to her. She’s beautiful and glamorous. Every picture of hers is great.