Joyce DeWitt of Three’s Company snags a DUI


Seems that Three’s Company for Joyce DeWitt includes her car, a bottle of Jack Daniels, and herself! The 70′s sitcom star was pulled over for drunken driving in Southern California; she apparently was “driving erratically” and failed a field sobriety test, went to jail and got out like 15 minutes later.

Now here’s the thing: as a really klutzy person myself, I probably wouldn’t pass a field sobriety test, to be quite honest. Seriously, I fall over just standing in the middle of the kitchen, people. So if a police officer asked me to walk a line while holding my arms out to the side and chanting the alphabet, it would be ALL over. I would be sitting in jail so fast….it would be quite sad and pathetic, actually.

Image: Newscom

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    • DavidB

      What’s sad is the “catch and release” treatment for celebrities. Hell, if you or I were taken in for such driving there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that we’d be out in 15! Or maybe, just maybe, she wasn’t drunk at all and is just as unbalanced as you abd a breathalyzer test showed thay, thus the quick release?

    • Brenda

      I agree David! It seems there’s only an over-crowding issue at the jails when it’s a celebrity that’s involved. She had a bottle of Jack Daniels with her in the car, maybe she was just drinking from the bottle and that’s why the car was swerving all over the road and she wasn’t drunk at all?……