Guess what, Madonna? Michael Jackson’s death is not about you


In a Daily Mail article, Madonna wants us all to know that she was and is Michael Jackson’s biggest fan, and none of us should EVER forget that. In fact, she’s planning on doing a big lip synch of his songs at at London’s O2 arena on Saturday night, because you know how great it is for people to spend like $200 (or more) for concert tickets to hear their favorite artist and show up to not only hear her lip syncing, but lip syncing someone else’s music. Yeah.

Seriously, he was a great pop star, but people are acting like it’s the second coming of Jebus. Let’s not forget that he was seriously nuts, and not the fun nuts, either – mentally unstable to the point he was turning his skin a different color, dangled his kids over a balcony (well, not HIS kids, but someone’s kids), was accused multiple times of touching small boys inappropriately until he paid them off, and the list goes on and on. I mean, I like me some “Thriller” and “Billie Jean” as much as the next girl but let’s put this in perspective, kids.
Image: Newscom

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