Tom and Katie Take Suri To See “Jersey Boys”

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes took Suri out for a night at the theatre in Melbourne on July 5th. Attending the Australian stage production of ‘Jersey Boys: The Story of Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons’ at the Princess Theatre, Tom held Suri close while the camera flashes were going crazy. I’m sure she’s had plenty of experience in front of rabid paparazzi, but that still has to be a little bit scary for her.


A big change from Katie’s cool and casual look on the set of “Don’t Be Afraid of The Dark”, her creamy coat is just lovely (don’t forget – it’s winter in Australia!) and I imagine very cozy too.

According to the Herald Sun, who spoke to Tom after the show, Suri knew almost all of the words to the Frankie Valli songs in the show since his albums were constantly playing in their Los Angeles home. Who knows…Suri might be practicing to follow in her famous parents’ footsteps!





Images: Splash News

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    • elaine

      Eu vi a foto de tom cruise com os jersey boys lindoooo…..

    • Mandee

      Anyone know what dress Suri is wearing?

    • Blink 182

      sure…i love with suri….i always browse her picture….let me hope one able to meet her…i want a baby likes her…..

    • jenna

      why is Katie’s face so oily. I looked at more pics at JJ and my goodness, her entire face is so greasy and shiny…..maybe a facial did that to her?

    • Charlotte Rose

      Taking Suri to see Jersey Boys was inappropriate in my opinion. The language used during the show is not something a child needs to hear. It’s very, very rough. Generally, no children under 12 are allowed into a theater during a live performance – unless its a disney show. That’s a good rule of thumb in my opinion. I don’t think I would appreciate being seated next to a 3 year old had I paid good money to see Jersey Boys. If Suri ends up using some of the language she heard at Jersey Boys, I hope Tom and Katie put a stop to it immediately…but then again, it would be their fault.

    • Rachel

      That’s an interesting point, Charlotte, I hadn’t thought of that – was the show good? I didn’t realize there was such rough language during the show!

    • Mary

      Tom and Katie saw Jersey Boys a few times on Broadway when they were in NYC for Katie’s run in All My Sons.
      It’s the music that’s so infectious in that show. It’s an amazing show and I recommend it to anyone who has a chance to see it. Audiences sing along with songs throughout the show.
      The profanity and there is some in that show but it’s limited and the theater in NYC says there’s no age limit to seeing the show.
      Shows on Broadway are open to whomever wants to see them although productions will have a disclaimer and an age recommendation.
      Other live performances may have specific admiission requirements.
      The Disney shows on Broadway have an age recommendation for their shows but every one of their shows are populated by children younger than six.

      The Australian production is getting rave reviews.

    • annie

      Ijust saw the funniest pic of Suri. When she arrived at the theatre,she had on tights, jacket, shoes, at the end of the show she only had her dress on she took everything off, she is a funny little girl, so cute!
      Her dad says she knows a lot of the words to the songs ,can imagine her singing along to Big Girls Don’t Cry.

    • Charlotte Rose

      Ijust saw the funniest pic of Suri. When she arrived at the theatre,she had on tights, jacket, shoes, at the end of the show she only had her dress on she took everything off, she is a funny little girl, so cute!

      Which means to me that she was UNCOMFORTABLE during the long performance. My God….she undressed! LOL!! As a parent of 3 older children, that’s my opinion. ;)

    • Julie Bonner

      Annie – where did you see that picture? Suri reminds me so much of my daughter at that age. I couldn’t keep shoes or a coat on that girl and we lived in Alaska!! She’s 11 and still wants to walk around barefoot with no coat on in the winter.

      Mary – I have to see that play!! It sounds great.

    • Charlotte Rose

      Hi Rachel,

      The show was excellent (I’ve seen it twice – a friend was the set decorator), but totally inappropriate for a 3 year old in terms of the language. As a parent, Suri should not have been there even though the music is wonderful. It has nothing to do with reviews or the quality of the music and has everything to do with language and content.

      The profanity is NOT LIMITED with a number of F-bombs and other rough language dropped throughout the performance. Not something a 3 year old needs to hear or should hear. It’s akin to taking a 3 year old to an movie rated R for language. Totally and completely inappropriate.

      In addition, its not true that there is no age recommendations for Broadway shows. With the exception of Disney shows, most shows post something at the box office and in the theater about no one under 12. Most parents look at content and language to see if its appropriate for their child. I’m shocked Katie and Tom obviously did not considering they’ve seen it before. Of course they’re not going to enforce that rule at the box office for a celebrity like Tom or Katie, but that doesn’t make it any less appropriate in my opinion. This is a play for adults or teenagers….not an impressionable 3 year old who is quite capable of repeating the language she heard in an inappropriate setting.

      In addition, taking a 3 year old to a play with that kind of content is unfair to the other theater goers in my opinion. If you have paid good money to see a play, its not fair to have a squirming 3 year old who is removing her clothing sitting next to you. Unless Suri is a higher form of human life, she’s just a regular 3 year old baby (a very beautiful baby, by the way). I guess the producers were anxious to have cast pics with Tom and Katie. More press for the show.

      Tom and Katie are normal human beings with a normal daughter who made a really bad decision in my opinion as a parent and someone who has seen the play more than once. Suri did not belong at this show and I’m disappointed that Tom and Katie didn’t use their heads and find something more appropriate for their preschool little girl.

    • annie

      Hi Julie, I saw the pic on TomCruise forever site yesterday, it showed Tom and Katie talking to the performers and Suri was behind them, with her back turned and looking at something, you could see drums, it wasn’t the clearest pic ,Katie was holding a package in her hand,Tom was holding Suris blanket. Suri was only in her red dress, she took everything else off. I think thats why they carry around the blanket, in moments like this, so Suri doesn’t freeze when she goes outside. I find her extremely cute!

    • topandgd

      Anyone know what dress Suri is wearing?