Big Brother 11: Some Twists Revealed

bb11_eye-logoCBS has released a few of the twists we can look forward to in this season of Big Brother. First, as we saw in the revelation of the houseguests, there is a Mystery Houseguest that we don’t know about yet. That could prove to be interesting…

We are also told that the houseguests will fit into the four most common high school cliques. It looks like we can tell who the jocks, the popular people, the intellectuals and the artsy people are. I’m wondering which clique the Mystery person will fit into.

There were rumors out for a while saying that the season would be cut short this time, but CBS has confirmed that it will be 3 months long, as usual. Thank goodness! ;-) Here’s the latest promo for BB11 that gives each of the new houseguests a chance to tell us why we should watch:

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