Confirmed: Guy Pearce To Co-Star With Katie Holmes

infphoto_840361_guy_pearce_katie_holmesIt’s official! As we speculated yesterday, Guy Pearce is set to join Katie Holmes in Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark. You might remember this handsome Aussie actor from the critically acclaimed Christopher Nolan film, Memento (2000), where he played amnesia stricken Leonard Shelby.

Pearce will be portraying the father of Bailee Madison, who is also confirmed as the little girl who is haunted by all the scary things living in the house, and boyfriend to Katie Holmes. It doesn’t sound like there will be much time for love scenes with all their time spent fighting demons out to get his daughter!

In other news, the first photos of Tom, Katie and Suri arriving at Melbourne’s Essendon Airport have surfaced in The Sydney Morning Herald and How adorable is sleepy Suri resting on Tom’s shoulder!

Image: INF

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    • jenna

      Ouch. It would appear that the Melbournians favor Tom’s other half, the ex-Mrs. Cruise, Nic Kidman. I do not think that TC is as liked over there as Nicole is. The article reads that Katie is famous for marrying Tom….wow….. thats a slap to her. No mention in the article that she starred on Broadway and maybe that she could be famous for that. Brace yourself for more Tomkat news is how the article finishes….I would wager that the couple is not that well respected by the author!

    • annie

      Hmm,Idon’t know, I’m trying to picture Guy Pearce with Katie, I know he is a good actor and all, I have to think about this one.

    • emerald

      I love Guy and Katie so Im one excited fan. Even the little girl seems like a perfect fit for this movie.

    • annie

      Jenna, NK is not so popular over here, although the papers might play favourite to her over Tom and Katie. I wouldn’t say that Tom is very popular here anymore though. There have been a few nasty articles about Nicole, when Australia came out, one paticularly unflattering 2 page one in a Sunday newspaper, but I bet this time round she will be ”our Nic”, and for some reason the first thing people remember about Tom and Nicole, is that he dumped her. Although I would love to see heaps of pics of the Cruise family (the paps have already missed them at the Melbourne aquarium) a pic surfaced but it was taken by one of the public, the underground parking might provide them with escape routes and more privacy than in NY,and I’m sure Toms friend James Packer will do everything that he can for them, they are staying in his apartment. On TV the other night they showed pics of the suite, gosh it is huge, really really huge. Hope Tom Katie and Suri will have a wonderful time in Melbourne, lots to do and see.

    •,23739,25720399-5012980,00.html Marie

      Here is the site for the aquarium pic. Nice.,23739,25720399-5012980,00.html

      Yes – the media are pro Nicole because she panders to them so much.
      Over here in West Australia she is very unpopular; false, cold. Keith very popular so a repeat of the first relationship really. Katie sells out magazines at a pop and is very popular amongst the younger crowd over here.
      Marie, Perth

    • Hi

      hi everyone,i don’t know why are we still talking about Nk .she has nothing to do with tomkat Visit to OZ or the Media and if some crazy fans don’t like the cruise its a few and tom is so popular here and so is nic .Why can’t we just move on?