Brad Pitt’s L.A. motorcycle ride

jolie-pitt-photo-linkOver at X17Online there are a few photos of Brad Pitt driving his motorcycle around Los Angeles. It doesn’t say when they were taken, but knowing X17 they were likely from this morning or yesterday.

(Do yourself a favor – go and enjoy the photos of Brad but avoid the comments. It’s unbelievable the trolling that people do when they can hide behind the anonymity of the Internet. Some of them make you wonder if they were ever educated past grade two.)

As much as we were all hoping that Brad and Angelina would head for France or New Orleans for some vacation time, the fact of the matter is that Brad was technically supposed to be working on Moneyball right now and he’s most likely sticking close to L.A. right now while they try to shop the script around to get it picked up by another studio. While Brad doesn’t need the film to secure his income, a lot of other people would have been counting on the work, so let’s hope someone else grabs it soon!

(Thanks Gabriella!)

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    • Mysmichelle

      Maybe Brad is thinking about doing it under his production company PLAN B…I’m not sure how that stuff works so I don’t know if that is even possible.

      I’m bummed it got dropped though because I heard it was about pool (billards) and I love those kinds of movies.

    • Brangelina Forever

      I know this is a fan site to Brad and Angelina, but please keep the Jackson family in your thoughts. Especially the little ones (the smallest is only a year younger than Maddox). I love Michael as much as I love Brad and Angelina and I’m still grieving this tragedy. He has a Guinness World Record for most charitable pop star ever.
      Here’s hoping to more pictures of Brangelina that always brighten up my day.

    • Faye88

      Mysmichelle – Moneyball is about American baseball, and it looks like it might still be a viable project since the JPs are still in L.A. based on the recent sighting of them by the Australian women and these photos of Brad.

      Thanks Sherry for the link to the photos. I wonder how many bikes Brad has. It looks like quite a collection.

    • debra77

      Sherry thanks for the heads up on the comment section. It is just unreal how stupid people can be. They really think Brad/Angie should live in a shack or stay inside to prove they care about others. Dumb. Dumb.. OK my rant.
      I was really hoping the family was far far away and could just get away. But Brad/Angie have really been MIA for weeks. so Angie is resting and just having fun with the kids. I really want to see the twin.. Yeah my shame but it is true. Ok I am off line for a bit. No news on the Brange. and they are the only reason I read the celeb stuff.

      Have a great day JP fans.

    • angela

      thanks Sherry. the photo looks very much halloween-ish, black and orange. haha.
      i hope we could get to see the whole family soon. :)

    • BlessBrangelina

      Yummy, love him on his bike. Thanks

    • Rachael M

      Just a heads up Sherry, there was an article I was reading just moments ago about Brad and Angelina lending their names to a diamond company and the Human Rights Watch to stop the selling and purchasing of blood diamonds from Zimbabwe. I tried to find it again, but my computer had a mandatory reboot occur and now I can’t find it…….maybe I can try google.

    • Rita

      “Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have issued a call for a ban on any sale or purchase of Marange diamonds”….take a look:

    • Kati

      Thanks for the link to the latest Brad photos! He looks so sexy with his bike. Wonder how many he actually have? So these pics prove that the family still is in LA and maybe they´ll stay for a while. Maybe the older children are on summer camps or just having fun time with their mummy and daddy. I agree with debra77. I also miss the twíns enormously. Wonder how much they´ve grown lately. They sure are learning to walk and talk by now. Their first b-day soon. Hard to imagine that they´ll be one already. God bless the whole JP clan!

    • Kati

      Thanks for the link to the new pics of Brad, Sherry! He looks so hot with his bike. So these pics prove that the whole clan sure still is in LA. Maybe the older children (Mad, Pax, Zee and even Shi) are on summer camps in LA and Brad and Angie have some together time with each other and the twins. Wonder how many bikes Brad actually has since every time he´s seen riding a bike it´s a different one. Hopefully the whole family will have a great time together and enjoy the summer either in the States or in France. God bless the JP clan always!

    • yoco

      I read that someone saw Angie and Shiloh at Trader Joe’s @JJ

    • Mary Ann

      Thank heaven for Pittwatch. Here I know I don’t have to read any garbage about the JP’s. Glad to see Brad having a nice time. I am sure Angie is enjoying just being home with the kids. I hope we see pictures of the twins for their first birthday, but I kind of doubt it.

    • kimmy

      Brad has been riding his motorcycle since last June 19 and his done that in LA.. i saw pics of him at JJ on June 19! if i’m correct his wearing his leather jacket there, and boY! he is so hot! in this new biker pics, i just love him!


    • joliepittfanatic

      yoco- Any pictures of the outing?

    • KandT

      I love the Jolie/Pitts I love this site what I have seen of it, it’s just positive stuff written about a wonderful family.

      Spread the love

      Kels and Tee