Avril Lavigne Denies Bailing On Napanee Ontario Multicultural Festival

30754pcn_deluxe01Avril Lavigne was expected to be at the Napanee Ontario Multicultural Festival this past weekend…except Avril claims that she had no idea she was supposed to be there!  The controversy has apparently gotten so out-of-control that Avril had to release a statement regarding the whole situation:

Napanee Ontario Multicultural Festival

Avril was not committed to attend the Napanee Ontario Multicultural
Festival. Her management had no knowledge of this event. She
appreciates the honor, however to say that she “flaked and didn’t
show up” is completely untrue, as she had no knowledge of this event
whatsoever. Avril is currently in the US working on her 4th album.

Azoffmusic Management

Well there you have it.  Also, it’s awesome to have confirmation that Avril is in fact working on her next album!

[Image source: Pacific Coast News]

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