Luke & Lorelai Married on Twitter

The New and Improved Lorelai GilmoreFor many months now, the world of Stars Hollow has been brought to life on Twitter. Some Gilmore Girls fans decided to adopt the personas of various Gilmore Girls characters, sending daily updates about their lives. The big happening this weekend – Luke & Lorelai were married (on Twitter)!

In this Twitter-based-fan-fiction, you could find the whole GG cast talking about the wedding between LukeDanes and LorelaiG by following this search: #lukeandlorelaiwedding. There were tweets that didn’t make it into the hashtag, but if you follow the links from the search to everyone’s Twitter profiles, you can read up some more.

What do you think of the daily updates on Twitter by Stars Hollow characters? Do you follow them?


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    • Laurie Carson

      I’m happy for Luke and Lorelai they deserve each other. I am a huge fan. And Rory deserve a real father and Luke is one to her. I am really happy yah.

    • Mac

      Sorry, I’ve got a question: what’s a tweet and a retweet? Any explanations welcome! :-)

    • Nil-Wren

      As suggested by Arieanna I have a Twitter account now:
      I still don’t know how it works, yet, that’s my address.

      Otherwise: Yes, I think in our heart, the girls are now happily married, aren’t they. And we can even imagine one of them having a baby. Luke having already a daughter, we can assume He and She has one too. Perhaps, Rory 2. And we enjoy following her growing up every week. That’s very precious, isn’t it? And of course, we all are always moved when we see Rory the first playing with her, a wistful look in her face that let us know that she would love too, to have a baby of her own. But unfortunately, the only baby she must nurse for now, (it may be what she thinks, or her choice), is her carrier.

    • Nil-Wren

      Erratum: Sorry, I made a mistake IS NOT my twitter account. I assumed that wrongly when I subscribed.

    • Nil-Wren

      Here, apparently I found how it worked, my
      Twitter account:
      At least it leads somewhere I’ve done something!

    • LorelaiG

      Thanks for talking about the Gilmore tweets ~ the wedding on twitter was fun and hopefully we will have more events in the future!

    • Felicia

      congratulations Lorelai & Luke :D

    • RaeDae

      After you just have to put in the proper username to track each Gilmore Girls “person”:












      AprilNardini (NEW!)

      LululovesKirk (NEW!)

      And ones that have not been posting on twitter in a while:



      I counted over 100 tweets from the characters on the wedding day, though sadly they didn’t think to use a hashtag until partway into the day.

      Thank you to everyone who keeps our favorite characters alive – and if anyone wants to start one of the missing characters, please do! Jackson (tweets to Sookie about vegetables, anyone?), Paris (tweets to Rory about her grad school life, is she still with Doyle, etc. could be fun), Miss Patty (who is said to have a new man in her life), Babette (gossiping, predicting the weather, going nuts over Morey’s music and/or calling friends “doll” would bring back the fun), Zach & Brian, even Caesar would be a hilarious character to argue with Luke about running the diner, especially as he’s been running it while Luke & Lorelai honeymoon. Richard could tweet to Emily when he’s out of town, or to the girls anytime. Alright, it’s not as good as a Gilmore Girls movie, but those of us who LOVE the show will take what we can get!

    • Ciokitty

      What? is this made up? This twitter thing…. anyone knows something about Gilmore Girls will have an 8. season? I heard they are making other films for money so they can make 8th.

    • Ciokitty

      Sorry I don wanna…. But The twitter thing makes people feel better about the sad ending in 7th season… Not yet about everything, though.

    • Peyton

      This is one of my favorite episodes because of the springes engagment of Luke and Lorelai. Of course I was sad about Rory moving out but it made me happy again to see that Luke was finally settling down. I just love this episode for those reasons.