CNTM 5.05 “Battle of the Blondes” Recap

Last week on Canada’s Next Top Model, the girls had an avant garde beauty shoot and learned how to express emotion by only using their eyes. Will tonight bring out the best in the girls? Check below to find out!

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Original Air Date: June 23, 2009
Challenge: media interviews
Challenge Winner: Nikita
Photo Shoot: LG cell phone ad
Guest Judge: Dan Levy
Called First: Meaghan
Eliminated: Rebeccah

The girls get to go to MTV! They get to meet Jessi and Dan! I’m super jealous, as I love Dan. His Hills commentary is great. Jessi, not so much. She’s turned into quite the fan girl and seems to really love the whole Hollywood scene. Dan gets the irony. And he has great style.

Dan and Jessi are here to give the girls media tips – how to promote, how to redirect, how to stay true to yourself. It’s all great training. Some girls do better than others, but the real star is Rebeccah who oh so casually came out. She’s all like “whatever, it’s no big deal” and I really respect her for that.

After they get their training, Jeanne surprises them by taking them to the grand opening of Toronto Fashion Week, where they will be grilled by real media. Before that, they get to go to the party and we get a teeny glimpse of Ben Mulroney! It’s like Canadian reality television royalty up in this episode! Just when I think it can’t get any better, Trevor Boris is one of the interviewers! That’s awesome. I love him. I saw him in the Eaton Centre once and probably embarrassed myself with my double take.

The second interview is Lainey Lui from Lainey Gossip and eTalk. Boo Lainey! I like her, but why couldn’t they have asked me?! I write the Top Model Gossip blog after all. My questions would be super hard hitting.

Some girls do well (namely Nikita, Linsay and Meaghan) and some do poorly (Heather and Maryam), but it was a great experience for the girls. After the party, Jeanne joins them in the limo and declares Nikita the winner! Her prize is a $4000 shopping spree and Holt Renfrew. Who else is jealous?

We get a depressing confessional from Meaghan, who is all “I’ll never be as good as Heather.” I feel bad for her, but get over it. You need confidence to win! Hopefully her confidence will rise when she gets her braces off. The dentist determines she’s a-okay and she looks like a million bucks after. I hope this is the boost she needs.

At the photo shoot, Yasmine is there to shoe the girls how it’s done. The shoot is for an LG phone. It’s a partner shoot and they need to work together while also stealing the spotlight from the other girl. They pair Heather and Meaghan together (hence, the episode title), probably to see who stands out the most.

Okay, Meaghan keeps going on and on and on about the Heather thing and after five minutes of this I’m ready to punch her in the face. Stop complaining and just bring it! She used to be one of my favorites before this episode and the girl is quickly falling to the bottom for me.

I think Nikita’s going to win.

At panel, Dan Levy is the guest judge! I love him, but what does he know about fashion photographs? The judges are meh on Nikita and Rebeccah; love Meaghan but are disappointed with Heather; and aren’t impressed with either Linsay or Maryam.

The judges fight like crazy during deliberation and I love it. Meaghan gets first call out for stealing Heather’s spotlight. It comes down to Linsay and Rebeccah but Linsay’s effort and desire keeps her in the game.I’m sad to see Rebeccah go, but don’t think she brought enough to the table. Jay and the judges made the right call again.

Image: CTV

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