Tom and Katie to Stay in Crown’s Most Expensive Suite

Katie Holmes, Tom CruiseAccording to the Herald Sun, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes (along with Suri Cruise!) will be staying at the Crown’s most expensive suite while in Melbourne, Australia. Katie and the family will be staying there while she films “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark”.

They will be staying in the newly refurbished top floor of the Crown Towers. (Check out the place at their website.) Here are a few more details about the place:

The suite, which normally costs $27,500 a night and takes up the entire 39th floor, is being refurbished as part of the $50 million refit of Crown Towers.

As guests, Cruise and Holmes will have panoramic views of the city, a butler and nanny service on call 24 hours a day.

The suite features a private lift, four bedrooms, spacious marble-lined bathrooms, dining areas, huge walk-in robes, studies, lounges, kitchens and powder rooms.

The main bedroom is said to be bigger than an average suburban house.

The refurbishment is expected to be completed in time for the couple’s arrival.

The Crown suite is ranked as one of the most extravagant and expensive hotel suites in the world! The Herald Sun called The Crown, but they failed to return their call. Right. Like they are going to spill the news about a Hollywood couple as big as the Cruises! I think they know better than that.

It is still unclear exactly when Tom, Katie and Suri are leaving or if Isabella and Connor will be joining them.

Image Credit: INF

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    • annie

      Wonder why they don’t go for a house, maybe because of security.

    • bambi

      Who knows if this story is even true. Remember when Katie was going to New York, and there were all these articles that claimed she was going to be staying in a huge penthouse in one of Trump’s buildings? The story turned out to be false, and she ended up staying in a low-key apartment building that Tom had owned for 25 yearsJust goes to show that the press doesn’t really knw what they’re taling about.

    • kelly

      good for them if this is true. sounds wonderful. I hate this new format…sorry.

    • lala

      I never care where they staying at.I’m just so happy to hear their news and the pic,s of this a fabulous couple.

    • Charlotte Rose

      As bambi pointed out, we have no idea if this is true or not, but IF IT IS, that suite seems really over the top. Generally, the production pays for the arrangements of their principal stars but I can’t imagine a mid-budget production like this could afford to do something like that. It would be more likely that Tom/Katie is paying for it IMHO.

      IF that’s the case, why not stay somewhere less oppulent and give some of what that is going to cost to charity? That seems far more caring. Please understand….I feel the same way about the excesses of every “star”. I’m not saying they shouldn’t enjoy the money they’ve worked for but at some point it just becomes ridiculous especially when there are so many less fortunate, homeless and starving human beings in the world. Over the top excess like this (again IF it true) turns me off completely. Just my opinion.

    • Lauren

      I hope they get some peace from the paparazzi. It will be a nice break for the whole family. I hope Tom does more movies. I miss him on the big screen.

    • concerned mom

      They could stay here, but from I read last year Packer blew from the COS so this news seems a bit odd to me. Packer is the billionaire that Tom performed his wedding ceremony in what Italy correct??? If they stay there however, it will sure beat even the mega posh Carlisle in NYC. I can’t even imagine staying in such a fab place.

    • annie

      Ithink Bambi is right,I don’t believe this story either, the media doesn’t know where they are staying, so they are guessing to make a story, just like it happened in NY.