Matt Lauer Talks to Sarah Palin About Letterman Feud

Matt Lauer welcomed Alaskan governor, Sarah Palin, to the Today show this morning and they kicked off their discussion with an overview of what’s happening with the natural gas pipeline that she hopes will extend from her home state to western Canada.lauer and palin

Lauer didn’t waste any time moving away from the pipeline chatter to the controversial feud between Palin and late-night talk show host, David Letterman

First, he wanted to know how the governor had heard about the off-color jokes Letterman made about her daughter and the remarks he made about Palin looking like a “slutty flight attendant.” 

Letterman, who joked that while Palin was traveling with her daughter in New York City, the girl got “knocked up” by New York Yankees star, Alex Rodriguez, and had to fend off the advances of Elliot SpitzerLetterman later apologized saying that he assumed the daughter Palin was traveling with was 18-year-old, Bristol (who recently became a young mother) and not her 14-year-old daughter, Willow.

Despite the apology, Palin refuses to stop saying that Letterman is a “pervert” and continues to argue that he was making jokes about the statutory rape of a minor.  I really don’t think that he meant that and he has said as much but it feels like Palin really wants to get as much air time from this as possible.

Lauer said that Letterman wasn’t there to defend himself but stressed that the comedian hadn’t referred to Willow by name and had explained himself.  Palin said that Lauer, and anyone else who believed that explanation, was “naive.”  That’s when things got a little uncomfortable because Lauer said that Palin was basically accusing Letterman of criminal activity and she went on a long-winded rant about how we need to rise up and fight against comedians like the veteran talk show host. 

I was stunned when Lauer read a statement from the Palin family’s representative in response to Letterman’s invitation to have her on the show to hash out the issue.  They declined the offer saying that they didn’t want to give him a ratings boost and added “it would be wise to keep Willow away from David Letterman.”  He then asked "are you suggesting that David Letterman can’t be trusted around an 14-year-old girl?”  Her response?  “Hey, take it however you want to take it.”  Wow.

Watch the interview.  I’d like to point out that during this entire exchange about such a serious issue, she had a smile plastered on her face. I do want to say, though, that I have to agree with the governor about protecting the self-esteems of young women. I agree with her on that 100% but I do believe Dave when he said he was talking about her older daughter.

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    • ann p

      i think that it is so sad the republican party has sunken to this level. as an organization this party is so desperate that they will twist, lie and use anything to keep their instantly forgotten face in the media. frankly, no one but someone who is stupid enough to be the governor of Alaska is stupid enough to not know that Letterman was talking about Bristol. what i find scary is that by completely ignoring that her daughter Bristol got pregnant while underage by a guy who was 18, so i guess its not having her daughter knocked up while underage or as palin puts it, statutory rape, is what palin objects to, its apparently some objective age number that will change at palin’s whim.
      what also bothers me, is that this strategy makes it appear to me, that palin and the members of her party that are so staunchly defending her, that underage, out of wedlock motherhood is so common among these people, that they completely forgot that bristol palin existed. has the republican party really regressed to this point? well whatever, the republican party seems hell bent on making this a one party country. with their insane antics, i cannot imagine anyone who is sane, will vote for them. then their the whole course of fighting sotomayor’s appointment. yeah thats it, alienate yourself from the highest growing segment of american population.

    • ron foster

      when letterman told the joke palin oldest daughter came to mind,palin didn’t have any trouble parsding her pregnant unwed teenage daughter around the that a good example for teenage girls

    • Sally Sue

      Double Hooray for Sarah Palin!! She is speaking out on an important issue that is too much laughed out in this society. Mr. Letterman knew exactly what he was saying and he wasn’t naive enough to not do his research when he “thought” that he was talking about her 18 year old daughter, Bristol. It’s the fact that he made any comment about young womanhood on the aid in front of millions of people that is so sickening. We have come to the point as a society that degrading both men and women in the media is something that is sooo accepted in today’s society. It is way past time for every god fearing man woman and child to realize that as a society we are going down the tube. This even includes the fact that there are so many children born out of wedlock or aborted just because they didn’t want be responsible for their mistake. At least Bristol did get married and the child is being raised in a family. It took alot of courage to admit to it in the first place.

      But to allow Lettermen to make the comment he did and get away with it is deplorable.He does owe the young women of America a huge apology. He has gone way down in my book. And I will choose to not watch him.

    • Vin

      I guess I am one of the insane Republicans mentioned previously. Yes, I voted for McCain/Palin and would vote for them again. You Obama fans will live to regret your choice, but not me. I sit back and watch the shenanigans going on and gloat. It doesn’t really matter which dsughter Letterman was talking about, he disgraced women in general. No woman should be RAPED!!!!!!
      And the liberal media are disgusting in their defense of him. Don’t they know what he really said? And how about the flight attendants? He insulted them also. Where are your brains, Libs? Sarah can handle herself quite well, thank you very much, but trying to get to her by insulting others is below dispicable.