“Samantha Who?” To Air Remaining Episodes

Samantha Who? (starring Gilmore Girls’ Melissa McCarthy) was recently cancelled by ABC, the network choosing not to renew the series for its third season due to lack of open timeslots and promotional dollars. There’s a campaign to save the series, but so far the decision stands.

Meanwhile, many of us Samantha Who? fans have wanted to know about the unaired Season 2 episodes. It looks like ABC has plans to air some of them now!!

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On June 25, ABC will air the episodeThe Rock Star, which was one completed much earlier in the season but which never aired.

The schedule for new episodes is:

  • “The Rock Star” – June 25, 2009
  • “Toddy’s Job” – July 2, 2009
  • “The First Date” – July 9, 2009

There were 4 other episodes that were filmed for Season 2, but it’s not clear if those were completed or if they will air.

Update: Ausiello indicates there *may* be hope for Samantha Who? on a cable network (vs on ABC). Cross your fingers!

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    • Yaara

      Awesome! I was hoping they air the remaining episodes. Summer season is a dry one, lets hope they air all the remaining episodes. Sucks that it was cancelled though.