ReelTalk Reviews “What Goes Up”

There have been a number of new reviews of Hilary Duff’s movie, What Goes Up, but none of them say very much that we haven’t already heard. However, I wanted to share this one since it’s a video review of the film:

The What Goes Up Insider blog also put up a post this week about how the film has been doing in its theatrical release, saying:

“All things considered, we did pretty well,” said James Hoke, executive producer. “We might have only opened with 16 theaters, but there was a buzz about the film that few independent releases ever see. We have a lot of fans — Steve Coogan fans, Josh Peck fans, new Olivia Thirlby fans, and Hilary Duff fans — to thank for all of that. Thank you. We’re still looking for ways to make the ride memorable.”

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    • Me

      This is kinda random but frances bean cobain said on her twitter that she really liked the movie and that she has a thing for josh peck. :P

    • Natalie

      kool i cant wait 4 the movie 2 come out

    • Frank Street

      Well, I’m my own movie reviewer, so I’ll take the popular approach and see it for myself.

      I never fully understand the entertainment business when a movie like this only gets released in 16 theaters, and some awful horror movie with relatively little dialogue gets released in over 1000.

      If more outside investors, meaning from outside the entertainment industry, were to invest in the business of movies this would be reversed. You used to get relatively more of this kind of investment in entertainment, but they’ve all gone on to computers and games and other entertaining pastimes and time consumers.