Look-Alike: Rihanna and Woody Woodpecker?

I’ve heard a lot of people making reference to Rihanna’s new hairstyle and I just had to know what you guys thought. The most recent celebrity look-alike pairing: Rihanna and Woody Woodpecker! Oh my goodness, it’s so sad, but it’s so true. I really do see a resemblance and I am not liking it, Ri-Ri. To me, this new hairstyle is just plain awful. I don’t find it stylish or hot or anything along those lines. Hopefully, she’ll grow it out and change it. To be honest, I liked her hair best in 2007 when she released her music video for “Umbrella.”  Let me know what you think!


Images: Bauer-Griffin (left), Newscom (right)

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