Hulk Hogan vs. Linda Hogan: The Feud Continues

As if this poor family had not been through enough, now Brooke Hogan is being put in the middle of her parents’ feud. According to Life & Style Weekly, Linda Hogan has made public accusations against Brooke saying that she’s been lying about having breast implants and that Brooke’s boyfriend, Stacks has been smoking marijuana with Hulk.

Linda Hogan
Linda Hogan
[Photo: Newscom]
Hulk Hogan
Hulk Hogan
[Photo: Newscom]

Hulk, on the other hand says that all of Linda’s accusations are totally false. He even goes so far as to suggest that Linda is the one needing to be tested for drugs and that if whe was tested, she would fail the tests. Yikes! This is really nasty stuff!

“Absolutely not!” [Hulk] shoots back. “Brooke is a clean-cut girl. She’s very open and honest.”

“If Linda says she’ll take a drug test, I say bring it, brother! It needs to be done, and she’ll fail it.”

“Brooke can’t have a relationship with her mother like this,” he tells Life & Style. “I hope one day Linda will grow up and be an adult like Brooke is. Linda has to reach to her level. One day, maybe.”

Wow! And we all thought our families had issues…

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    • Vanessa

      I think that Linda is being selfish. She needs to grow up and if she cared at all about her children she would give up relationship and save the relationship that is more important (her daughter’s).

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    • Pearl Boswell

      what a sad situation their+ family has found themselves in. I feel so bad for Brook, I cant believe what Linda has put her daughter thru. I couldnt imagine saying that stuff about my daughter, ever! Its like Linda found her little boy (literally a little boy, compared to Linda) friend, and discovered she doesnt need her family, if they cant see things her way. It would serve her right if she married Charlie, then after a few years he divorced her and took her to the cleaners. I totally believe hes w/her for the money. i mean what could such a young man see in that old woman? Linda one day karma will bite you in your OLD, wrinkled ass. Brooke, stay strong. ill pray for your family.


      Linda is old, fat and nasty anyways. Hulk you can be a pimp. Have respect for your family, do it like they do in Iran. – Don’t let that s*** dishonor the family.