Brad Pitt flying out of California

jolie-pitt-photo-link.jpgBrad Pitt was seen boarding his plane in Burbank, California on Tuesday afternoon. We know that he had been in town for the Spike’s Guys Choice Awards on Saturday night; as for the rest of his time there, he was most likely doing some prep work for Moneyball which we now know starts shooting on June 11th. I remember Angelina Jolie arrived in New York before shooting started on Salt to take care of pre-production business (checking locations, script read-through, etc.).

There’s no official word as to where Brad was flying but since we know that Angelina’s birthday is tomorrow (Thursday), I think we can all take one good guess as to where he is right now. Check out photos of Brad Pitt boarding his plane here.

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    • t.m.delafonda

      Sometimes it is sad to see how Brad and Angelina’s humaitarian work and genuine character are overlooked for the sake of tabloid/media sensationalism. No one’s life is always rainbows and roses-that’s the purpose of heaven. But, it is beautiful to see a couple of their influence strive to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than themselves. How many other HW stars sacrifice their time as well as their money? Yet and still they are criticized-CONSTANTLY! It’s just sad. I wish them and their family well wherever their travels may lead.

    • jackie

      Sunny from her three movies Wanted,Kung Fu,Changeling,Brad two movies Burn,Curious usually stars sign deals where if the movie does good they get a certain portion.

    • irma

      Sherry, glad to hear that you are now well rested.
      I don’t believe tabloids anyway & will never buy anymore magazines except People & Hello. I didn’t find any Hello magazines at Books A Million or CVS Pharmacy. I was desperate so I asked my friend from Canada if she can get me a copy, I hope, it is still on the shelf, or else I will be very disappointed. My nieces can’t get it due both of them are always busy with work,kids & at home. It’s nice to have a friend to buy it for me. Bless her heart.
      Advance Happy Birthday to Angie !!!!

    • kimmy

      tabs AGAIN! i hate them! i’ve read about NE at Randi’s site and DON’T LIKE IT! they’ve recycled again the issues, it’s always a cycle of nasty rumors!
      I will not believe any split-up issues until I’ve heard them from Angie and Brad’s mouth. So far, we haven’t heard any from them about this issue so I’m confident that their still together and very much HAPPY and IN-LOVE! :)

      since it’s June 4 here in the Philippines, I would like to greet Angelina Jolie, Forbes number one most powerful celeb, Most Beautiful Woman on Earth, but most important of all, has a Golden Heart for everyone, a MALIGAYANG KAARAWAN (Happy Birthday!) :D

    • ajp

      Happy birthday Ange! I read from somewhere that Brad bought her a bracelet with little jetplanes in diamonds and gold. He bought the present together with a birthday present for Shi.

    • ajp

      BTW it is June 4th already in Europe.

    • joliepittfanatic

      irma- I actually hope they DON’T do another family shoot for the twins’ first birthday. I mean, can you imagine what the h8ters would say if they did that? Especially considering that, up until now, they’ve only done photoshoots three times: The first pictures of Shiloh, the first pictures of Pax, and the first pictures of the twins. There’s also the W Magazine photos, but I don’t count that as a photoshoot as it was Brad taking the photos plus the kids appeared only once each in photos, which were mostly of Angie.

      Anyway, try not to despair too much. I have a feeling there will be another adoption either towards the end of the year or the beginning of next year, and they will likely do another magazine shoot then. :)

      That said, I agree about the tabs. The Enquirer HAS been right occasionally, but they are wrong far more than they are right. In fact, The Enquirer is pretty much, as Sherry has said, only good for lining bird cages. :)

    • lyn

      i think angie beating out oprah in forbes top celebrity list is fantastic. what a great b-day present. she must be so proud of herself, a partner, parent, celebrity, movie star and humanitarian. i wish her mom was alive to see the gifted daughter she gave birth to. i am sure she was proud of her always but she exceeds in everything and is such an example for all of us to admire. i don’t care what the haters say, angie is beautiful, humble and does not make people feel like they are less than she is. i wish her a wonderful birthday with brad and the kids. all i can say is what a life to live, she is truly blessed.