CNTM 3.02 “Transformers” Recap

Last week was the long awaited premiere of the third cycle of Canada’s Next Top Model. The girls moved into their swanky digs in downtown Toronto, shot their first photo shoot ever with Nigel Barker and learned about the dangers of the seal hunt. How will they top that? Recap is below. (Video will be posted as soon as it is available!)

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Original Air Date: June 2, 2009
Challenge: Makeover-inspired H&M looks
Challenge Winner: Rebecca
Photo Shoot: Couture on a ladder
Guest Judge: June Ambrose
Called First: Nikita
Eliminated: Jill

It’s the first time we see the opening and it isn’t bad. It isn’t great, simple song, simple concept, but whatever. It’s better to be bland than terrible.

The girls get charged with crimes of fashion! Their punishment? MAKEOVERS. I completely didn’t know it was makeover day, so I’m very, very excited. All the makeovers sound really dramatic and this scared me. Linsay gets a Katie Holmes crop; Maryam gets a blunt cut; Meaghan goes longer and blonder, Nikita gets a Betty Page and completely hates it; Ebonie was supposed to get a Halle Berry but her hair couldn’t handle it and just got a crop; Rebecca gets an Agyness Deyn; Heather goes strawberry blonde; and Tara and Jill didn’t get makeovers at all.

While I hate whiners on makeover day, Nikita gets some sympathy because her super short bangs make her less versatile. I’m also not a fan of Rebecca’s look – her quirky curls were way cuter. I love Heather’s alien comparison, I’m warming up to her ditziness.

The girls then go to the H&M at the Eaton Centre. I’m there all the time! This excites me so much it embarrasses me. The girls need to create a look that compliments their new looks. Most girls fail miserably, but Rebecca’s head-to-toe Agyness look wins the challenge.

This week’s photo shoot has plenty of twists – couture on a ladder with male models. Can they handle it all? I also become sold on Nikita’s makeover once she’s in hair and makeup. It’s very dramatic and fashion forward. Everyone seemed to have trouble with the ladder, but Tara and Ebonie appear to be Nole’s favorites. At panel, the judges love nearly everyone, but Tara, Nikita and Rebecca are definitely the standouts.

I LOVE Jay when he was all “I hate the word fierce.” Best moment of the episode.

In the end, Nikita’s strong photo puts her on top and Jill’s second lackluster week in a row sends her home. It’s okay, as she wasn’t really a model anyways. I’m in shock that Rebecca was in the bottom two with her. A great attitude over a drastic makeover? A challenge winner? An awesome, albeit Twiggy-inspired photo? How is that in the bottom two?!

Image: CTV

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    • lily

      i completely agree about rebecca being in the bottom two! i totally expected her to be called in the top 3.

    • foxjacket

      “I LOVE Jay when he was all “I hate the word fierce.” Best moment of the episode.”

      ‘dja hear THAT, Tyra?!

    • Top Model Addict

      LOL Totally loved the Jay comment about the word “fierce” too!!! Ha, that’ll show Tyra-nasaurus Rex!