Christie Brinkley wants John Meyer to date her daughter Alexa

Christie Brinkley and Alexa Ray Joel at Memorial Day Weekend Bash

Christie Brinkley is truly a mom we should model ourselves after with this newest bit of wisdom. Seems that she wants warbler John Mayer to date her daughter, Alexa. Here’s what she had to say:
“He’s perfect dating material for my daughter… You guys could make beautiful music together.”

Her daughter is a musician (like father like daughter – dad is Billy Joel). So is anyone kinda creeped out by this? I mean, I’m sure her daughter REALLY appreciated her mom playing matchmaker for her….about as much as she enjoyed that all-important birds and the bees talk when she was 10.

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    • lilkunta

      U spelled his name wrong in the title. It is john mAyer.

    • gottruth?

      What a wonderful contribution to journalism and factual accuracy. A reporter at this party was asking Christie a bunch of silly multiple choice questions and so this whole thing has been taken out of context and I am sure she would never really want to serve up her daughter to anyone. I am definitely creeped out by this site that is for sure. Christie Brinkley is a stunningly beautiful class act and was trying to be accommodating and gracious – you all might want to try emulating that… but if being erroneous and mean is your thing, you must be so proud.