Rory & Logan: Getting Serious

In ‘The Great Stink’, there are a number of things that seem to trigger a more serious relationship between Logan & Rory.

First off, Logan surprises Rory by not only coming back home (granted, he’s there on business), but setting up a romantic dinner on the roof. He has flowers, candles and her favorite foods. Logan is nearly a different man, so self-assured and seemingly pleased with his new career – not like the disaffected rich boy he was before.

The second indication of seriousness is when Rory joins Logan and his business partners for dinner. She meets Bobby, who turns out to be a sexy older woman who is obviously well-admired. And Rory didn’t know Bobby was a woman. She gets jealous, also wondering why Logan didn’t tell her more about Bobby or the fact that she was a woman. Bobby, to Rory, seems to be pretentious and Rory becomes suspicious of Bobby’s intentions towards her man.

But, in the end, Rory admits her jealousy to Logan and they become even closer. Here’s that reconciliation:

So, to me, it seems like a) Logan’s confidence and b) Rory’s jealousy did wonders for their relationship. What do you think?

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    • Faith

      I agree. I’ve been rewatching Season 6 on ABC family, and I honestly have forgotten how self centered and self absorbed Logan was prior to graduation. Season 7 marked a dramatic change for him because he was “forced” to grow up. By being forced, Logan was able to evaluate his life and priorities and was able to realize how special Rory was to him.

    • Suzi Higginbotham

      Arieanna – freudian slip? ‘not luke the disaffected rich boy he was before.’ Who’s on your mind girl lol.

      Faith – I agree and disagree. I agree that he has matured but think he remains self centred – such as the costa rica jump that he can tell rory doesnt want him to do and the marry me ultimatum.

    • Faith

      Hi Suzi,

      I believe the Costa Rica jump was prior to graduation, thus his transformation hasn’t occurred quite yet. I don’t think that the marriage ultimatum was self centered, but I didn’t like how it was handled. How long should he stay in a relationship that isn’t moving forward? Logan made valid points about not wanting to step backwards into the long distance thing. Logan wanted more, Rory didn’t. Why should he have to wait around hoping that she will marry him “someday?”

    • Suzi Higginbotham

      Hi Faith

      You may well be right about CR being pre grad (having problems with box set at mo second half of season 6 and most of 7 dont play!). But I stillthink the wedding ultimatum was selfish. Had one of them been religious maybe it would have been different. However they had already lived and slept together so really what difference to 2 gold rings make? I just think Logan (much like rory) isnt used to hearing the word no.

    • Kelly

      For me, the turning point for Logan was the Costa Rica jump. The whole experience woke Logan up and made him face reality and he started to get his sh!t together. Near death experiences do that to people, I would think. It also made Rory realize how much she loves Logan, despite the ups and downs they recently went through. After that, we see the relationship develop into a stronger one, more adult. The wedding proposal, in my opinion, came at the wrong time. If Logan really knew Rory, he would have known that she wanted to got out there and experience life before settling down. She still needed to figure out who she was on her own. Then again, if Rory really wanted to fully commit to Logan there would have been no hesitation and they could have simply had a long engagement. Who knows, if the show continued maybe after some time apart they would have found there way back to one another. Bring a Rory and Logan fan, I like to think that’s what would have happened.

    • Arieanna Schweber

      Lol Suzi – yeah, was supposed to be “like” not “luke”


    • Alexis

      I think that when Rory admits her jealousy to Logan and when Logan realizes that he is not the same old rich jerk that we first meet that the love that he and Rory share is somthing that you do not find everyday. Their love is a special kind of love. The kind that everyone serches for durring their lives and are lucky if the ever find. He realizes that Rory fell for him because she saw what was inside him and who he could be. Not for the fact that he was rich and could buy her any thing and everything that she wanted.

    • Alexis

      I think after the Costa Rica Jump and Logans near death experince he sees that Rory means the world to him and that he has not treated her in the best of manners. He feels that he should try to figure out what is wrong with him and he should fix his problems and his selfish ways before Rory decides to walk away and break both of their hearts forever. In the hospital after the accident he finnaly sees that Rory is the best thing that ever happend to him. Troughout the ups and the downs they faced they were always there for each other no matter how bad the situation. He also realized just how much Rory means to him and just how much he means to her. Rory has had 4 other relationships but she has only felt this way for Logan dispite how all her other boyfriends treated her she could only give here heart and soul to Logan even though her has severly mistreated her she can not help the fact that she is truly, deeply, and madly in love with Logan!!!

    • Fan

      I hated that they did not get married , i cried for days , i dont know why but i did , i loved them together and hope that when their is a season 8 they do get together ,,, :(