Just Let Salome Win Make Me A Supermodel Already

I really feel that the producers have been leading us down a path to Salome’s eventual win on Make Me A Supermodel. Between her and Sandhurst, no one else has really stood out as being good models. It’s getting down to the very last few episodes and the contestants are reaching the paranoia stage of a reality competition. Mountaha is the only other girl left in this stage and she’s starting to freak out. Clip below.

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    • http://insideahighschooler.blogspot.com Chris Praley

      I personally like Jonathon a lot, and Salome is way too big to be a model. Let’s get real here.

    • http://bravofan.com Maria Diaz

      Yeah, Chris. I agree with that, do you think she could teeter on the edge of “plus size” modeling?

    • http://vegansaurus.com meave

      I like her a lot, I’ve thought she’s the best-looking since the beginning of the show.

      Too bad stupid Bravo’s preview videos are of next week’s episode already, which give away Salome’s elimination that should be airing in tonight’s episode. Good one, Bravo.

    • http://bravofan.com Maria Diaz

      OMG, what?! Hate this editor baiting in the video I posted.

    • Jen

      Salome is pretty cute. She is no supermodel though. She is bordering on the plus size, not that there is anything wrong with that. I do not think that is what the show is about though. I am so feeling Jonathan. What a specimen. My hubby has to tell me to stop drooling.lol. BTW, this feisty poster is done with the tube guy.lol. Sandhurst though just might surprise the heck out of us. He is also mighty fine. I think it will be between Mountaha and Sandhurst if he keeps bringing it. If Jonathan steps it up this week.aarrgh I cannot make up my mind on this. It just gets hard at this point. Jonathan seems like he can book jobs for the hot designers. I love the scarf shoot.

    • http://vegansaurus.com meave

      If Salome were anywhere near “plus-size,” she would not have been a contestant on the show. GOD DUH.

    • Kellie

      Salome plus size? Are you people blind or do you only find anorexic people attractive? Salome is probaby a size 4 and the other females on the show size 2, that doesn’t make her plus size! Plus size models are typically size 8 to 12 which would swallow Salome. Get over yourselves!!

    • http://bravofan.com Maria Diaz

      No one said that Salome wasn’t attractive. She just looks to be slightly heavier than models, who are far skinnier than “normal” people. Salome’s weight has been brought up on the show before. We’re talking about this in terms of modeling, which is why I put “plus size” in quotes.

    • Michael

      Well if you like your models looking like stick figures! Come on people does the actual female walking this world look like she needs a sandwich or two (and four if your Jordan) Now that girl was all bones! Girls should have some curves and Salome had them. Sandhurst should have gone. His pictures are the same all the time. They complained about Salome not fitting into clothes .. what about Sandhurst not fitting into clothes?? Come on get it right. This is the worse season ever and now that Salome is gone we are back to stick figures!! Oh yeah and Perou take off those damn glasses and maybe you’ll see something. He’s supposed to be a world famous photographer but he cuts down all the other photographers choices .. he’s a loser .. ditch the shades boy!!