TV Guide Interviews Paulina Porizkova

Earlier this week, Paulina Porizkova announced that she was fired from America’s Next Top Model. TV Guide sat down the the former supermodel to find out what happened and what Paulina really thinks of Tyra, the show and more. Paulina got very, very honest about her experience on the show.

Paulina admits she thinks none of the finalists from this year’s cycle (or any cycle for that matter) will become true top models.

“I know. I’m really very sorry. But they’re not models,” she said. “Look at the history of Top Model. When has a winner not fallen down into that great big hole where the other sock goes? When? That’s because you can’t pick models from a TV show. Those tall, long giraffe things that don’t really look real are rare freaks of nature. And finding a freak of nature with a personality, that’s like finding a double freak of nature. So you’d have a TV show once every 10 years.”

Paulina admits that she voted for Allison and that the judges were tied at 2 votes apiece in the finale. One judge – she doesn’t say who – changed their vote so Teyona could be declared the winner.

She claims that Tyra was often very late for panel and this constantly threw off the shooting schedule and probably lead to the extra fat they were trying to get rid of when they fired Paulina.

The interview is interesting. Paulina does come across as bitter, but I don’t think she is. She’s simply calling it as she sees it. I bet Tyra is pissed over the whole situation.

We can recall that Janice Dickinson was fired from Top Model as well. Which leads me to wonder – was Twiggy fired too? And just too nice to say anything?

Read the interview here. The Dallas News has five questions for Paulina, read those here.

Image: Newscom

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    • michael

      anyone that outshines/argues with tyra is immediately fired!

    • Steady01

      Well it’s clear Nigel changed his vote for Teyona to win. Ms Jay was smitten with Teyona and loved her walk, and Tyra always wants a black girl to win so that’s their votes down.

      And as much as I hate to admit it, Paulina’s right. The winners never have a top model career, it’s usually the runners-up that do better. Plus I can’t see how a short cycle will make a top model but we’ll see

      As for Twiggy being fired it is a possibility as Paulina said “I’m not going to say there was scheduling conflicts” which was EXACTLY what Twiggy said. However, she was filming Twiggy’s frock shop over here in England so that might have been true

    • El Butch

      I love Paulina. She always keeps it real. =]
      Shows like Tyson Beckford’s “Make Me A Supermodel” IMO produces more authentic models than ANTM and it also casts males in the show. I can see Paulina’s view on how Tyra and ANTM are the laughing stock of the modeling industry..nevertheless it still makes for good airtime =]

    • ja

      Ahh poor paulina, as honest as she may have been in the show i really will NOT miss her. she is really classless which we should not equate with honest. And for her to just be so excited for allision when she did not see any potential at the begining, just show how tyra and crew can pick em. furthermore i really dont think that antm is really about picking a “model” im sure that elle see them everyday. its more about being role models and having that person who has almost instant success. all antm contestants who want to can be successful in their own way. need i say mollie gondi(my girl) , the 3 runner ups from cycle 10, dani and so much more. i think in allison just showed that she wanted it she would have won. jst shed a tear damm it!!!

    • Matthew

      I appreciate Paulina’s honesty, but she is just saying all of this because she’s bitter, not because she’s trying to tell it like it is. I love Paulina regardless, but you don’t bite the mouth that feeds you. Deep down, everyone including Tyra knows no one would be a huge top model.

    • mach turtle

      Honestly, I never liked Paulina. She never seemed to add anything to the table.

      That being said… because she did vote for Allison, I have newfound respect for her. Even if she thinks the show is a joke…

    • milkyaqua

      But the thing with Paulina is (if anyone paid attention) she said these things in a milder form pretty much from the time she was hired. It may sound bitter now. But go back and look at all the interviews from when she was hired and she’s said the same things (except for the parts about Tyra). Also, Paulina even at the height of her modeling career was making comments sort of the biting the hand that feeds you type; it’s just who she is and I question why TPTB hired her. Did they think she had changed? Anyway, whoever they get to replace her will probably be braindead and more than likely to vote with the other three because I’m convinced that Paulina and Miss Jay voted for Allison and then Miss Jay was persuaded to vote for Teyona because Nigel almost always votes with Tyra since he has no spine of his own.

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    • Qiana

      Tyra said (when Paulina was on the talk show last spring) she approached Paulina several times for her truthfulness about the modeling industry. It’s one thing to call it like you see, another to just talk for the sake of talking. Is this how she is “looking for a job”?

      Question, is Make Me A Supermodel really THAT good or is it liked because it is the anti-ANTM? I have tried to watch it, several time…especially the first season because I loved Nikki Taylor back in the day…but I just can’t do it. I think people love to give Tyra a hard time just because they can. Send the woman a thank you card for making networks even want to put a show about models on the air (even if it is on Bravo).

    • Anicore

      Paulina has never been my favourite judge.
      That being said, I don’t think she sounds that bitter in the interviews. Maybe people just get this impression because she says it all at once. But basically, it’s the truth. Nobody should be surprised about the industry being extremely harsh. I mean…

      “And the fact is the show is not even looking for fashion models. They’re looking for personalities. It’s a Cinderella story.”

      Could anyone deny that?

    • Amanda

      Make me a supermodel is a much more authentic modeling show because

      1) I’d say about 90% of the show is taken up by photoshoots, go-sees, and runway, while top model is maybe 30% actual modeling, 30% house drama, and 40% shameless self promotion by Tyra.

      2) They actually choose people who look like models working today. They’re all tall with interesting and edgy looks. Tyra will often send people home for not having the personality or drive, but Make Me a Supermodel only cares about results

      All of that being said, I love ANTM for all of the trashy catfights and shameless Tyra promotion. That does not, however, make it a legitimate modeling show.