Hilary Duff NYLON Interview

Hilary Duff Empire State BuildingHilary Duff talked this week with NYLON magazine about her charity work, her Femme for DKNY line, and her role in The Story of Bonnie and Clyde.

Hilary first starts out talking about charity and how our generation needs to step up and do more volunteer work. That said, Hilary won’t “shake her finger” at anyone, since life is stressful as a young person, but says:

“We do a really good job of having sob stories for ourselves, when there’s a lot more need out there and a lot more people who have it harder than we do. Doing really simple things can actually be fun and be so rewarding.”

Hilary Duff talks briefly about what’ll be on her iPod for the AIDS Walk this weekend, then goes on to talk about her Femme for DKNY fashion line:

“We did two pairs of jeans this season—it’s kind of a selfish line, because it’s skinny jeans, which look the best on me. One thing I wanted was multiple-size belt loops, because sometimes I want to wear a skinny little belt wrapped around a million times, or sometimes I want to wear a really fat one that won’t ever stay in place, slung low. So it just has a lot of options. There’s other stuff, too, like little shrunken leather jackets. I wanted the stuff to be smart.”

Hilary says her inspiration for the line was “normal girls”, just regular people she sees out with unique styles. It’s not people with lots of money or lots of clothes, just people having a unique perspective in putting together what they do have. Nice!

The remainder of the interview talks about The Story of Bonnie and Clyde, and how excited Hilary is about the role. She’s excited about shooting in the South, about the clothes, and the tragic love story. She is excited to show people that Bonnie & Clyde were just teenagers during their tragic story, not adults like they were portrayed in the first iconic movie.

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