Tom Hanks Talks with PARADE About “Angels and Demons”

Tom Hanks “Angels and Demons” hits theaters this Friday, May 15th and it stars the amazingly talented Tom Hanks, who I have adored for years. Tom’s newest film is stirring up a little bit of controversy, which is nothing new to him. “The Da Vinci Code” brought on protests, but it didn’t keep movie goers away.

Tom recently spoke to PARADE Magazine about the film and spoke very candidly about the reason behind making it and what to tell people who think they may be offended.

He tells PARADE that what’s driving these movies doesn’t have anything to do with religion and politics, but merely thrills and suspense. He goes on to give some advice for those that might be offended:

"If anyone feels that the film is going to be offensive to them, don’t see it. I’m here to say do not see the film. Stay away, please, please. I beg of you."

He was also asked what happened to the sex scene?

"We really don’t have time to make out or go to bed when Cardinals are being killed on the hour. We tried to work it into the screenplay over and over again. We were like, ‘Isn’t there a bigger car with a bigger backseat?’ But we were stuck with an Alfa Romeo so we didn’t have an opportunity to grab some smooching on the way to the Pantheon or the Piazza Del Poppolo. It’s my loss, but I think it did make it for an easier for Ayelet."

Great answer Tom.

Tom goes on to talk about being a happily married man for 21 years, if the Pope would have approved of a sex scene and not knowing what a condom is anymore.

“I know the Pope is opposed to the use of condoms. All I can say is, I am a spiritual man and I’ve been happily married for 21 years. I don’t even know what a condom is anymore."

You can read the rest of PARADE Magazine’s interview with Tom Hanks here.

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