Jess Helps Again

In ‘The Real Paul Anka,’ Jess comes to Rory’s rescue again. When he visited Rory in Stars Hollow, Jess helped Rory realize that her life was off-track and that she needed to return to Yale and pursue her dreams. And in this episode, he helps Rory realize that she’s still in love with Logan.

Rory is still very unhappy with the state of her relationship with Logan, and Logan knows it. She even wrote his story for the Yale Daily News, saying she had “no faith” he’d meet his deadline. Logan, frustrated that his mistakes are being held against him, decides to go base-jump in Costa Rica with the Life & Death Brigade boys.

Rory, full of anger and disapproval and hurt, decides on a whim to go to Jess’ bookstore open house. The invitation came at a good time. When she gets there, aside from running into Luke & April, Jess is very happy to see her. Perhaps he reads something into her visit. When Rory lingers in the store, Jess asks if everything is “fixed”, perhaps also implying the mess with Logan (who he thought wrong for Rory). I think Rory knew what he meant (don’t you?) when she agreed it was all fixed.

Anyway, Jess kisses Rory, and she kisses back. But then she gets up suddenly and calls herself a jerk. She says she can’t cheat on “him” the way he did on her. Jess is hurt that Rory is still with Logan, since he’s fixed up his crap and obviously wants to get back with her. Rory says that, despite everything, she’s in love with Logan.

So, I think kissing Jess solidified things for Rory. She realized that Jess wasn’t the one for her, that Logan was. No matter what her brain was telling her, her heart was saying “Logan”. And Rory knows she has to let go of her anger if she wants to be happy. So, again Jess helped. What do you think of this theory?

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    • nikki

      jess was the perfect person for rory. i just think that since rory’s first serious relationship was with logan, she felt that she loved him, no matter what. but since gilmore girls ended the way it did, and if they would (HOPEFULLY!) make a movie or continue past season 7, then jess should come back and rory should accept him back into her life. jess was a good person, letting rory go back to logan despite the fact that he loved her. but i could tell that jess was hurt :(

    • martin

      Maybe Jess was a catalyst at some point. Love does not go away so quickly and maybe Rory would have realised what her true feelings for Logan were when he ended up at the hospital hadn’t she gone to Philadelphia. Without Jess she would have been more angry with Logan for doing such a stupidity, but like this she was happy he came home alive. Jess did help Rory to realise to who her heart really belonged. If he was acknowledged in any way for his help, or if this was really such a good thing for Rory to stay with Logan after his proof of irresponsibility and immaturity, I think not. Poor Jess, he thought he might get Rory back, but she just brushed him off.

      Reminds me of Rory’s signature drink in “Twentyone Is The Lonliest Number”. She is to guys that dare to get near her just like her drink: sweet and innocent looking, you don’t expect what’s going to hit you, but the intoxication and the pain of the hangover literarly and metaphoricly leaves you wishing you never crossed paths.

      In the very end Dean, Jess and Logan are pining after her.

    • Ryan

      Overall, I was always annoyed with the whole Rory-Logan thing. Now, don’t get me wrong, Logan’s a great character and he was well acted but the way they wrote Rory in that relationship was just friggin’ irritating. The only really good thing about that relationship was that Logan was the only guy in the whole series who Rory actually had to work to get. He didn’t try to win her over (minus the break up) like Jess and Dean and I think that’s why Rory was so drawn to him. He was a challenge…just like she was drawn to Jess when he was a challenge.

    • Jessica

      I also think that Jess is a catalyst in Rory’s life. Whenever he’s around, she is able to realize who she really is and what she really feels. It’s funny how she’s kissed Jess twice now while she was with other guys and still stayed with those other guys. At this point, I do think that Rory needed to be back with Logan because she was definitely not over him even though part of her hated him. I also think though that the writers were leaving the door open for Jess to eventually come back. He keeps coming and going in Rory’s life and makes an impact whenever he does. While Rory’s run with Dean seemed to find closure, ending with a kiss like that and leaving Jess crushed seems to leave the door open for something more. So, while Rory needed to be back with Logan at this point, I don’t think the Jess door was entirely closed.

    • Kelly

      Right on Ryan, who doesn’t like a good challenge! Bottom line, Rory loved Logan through the good, the bad and the ugly. She continued to stay with him, she chose him. We all make our decisions in life and she chose Logan. I believe Rory cared about Jess and wanted nothing but the best for him, but she wasn’t in love with him anymore. It couldn’t have been easy for Jess to hear Rory say she was in love with Logan, but he didn’t seem like the type of guy to be with someone knowing full well her heart belonged to someone else.

    • Paige

      I’m going to have to disagree on this one. When Jess kisses Rory she waits quite abit until she pulls away, which I’ve always thought she pulled away because she felt guilty, she did the same thing when she was with Dean. Logan was Rory’s first real “Adult” relationship so yeah it makes sense the she would love him, I don’t think it took Jess for her to think that. But it still goes to show you that Jess still is in the back of her mind. I still don’t feel like those to are done, Jess and Rory always wound up coming back to each other one way or another, and I’ve always felt there was a reason for that.

      Either way I felt so bad for Jess, the poor guy was just crushed.

    • JJ

      I agree with the Jess comments. I believe that Rory will always get those same feelings everytime she sees Jess. If Lorelai and Luke ever got married, Jess would definitely show up once in a while and Rory’s feeling will come right back.

    • kris

      i have never been more mad at rory than this episode.

      she was so mean to jess. after he got his life together and wanted to be with her.
      she stays with logan who has never treated her very well. logan didn’t even try to get rory back in yale while jess was able to get her to go back after one night. jess is much better for her

    • Cynthia

      i think your theory is very accurate, however i think you’re giving Jess too much credit. i think he did help, but simply indirectly. i think it could have been any of her exes really, but Jess was the one that showed up in her life at that moment and she tested the waters with him. but i do think he directly helped in getting her back to yale, but in this case not so much.

      as much as i like Jess. i think it’s clear that she was meant to be with Logan. sure she had things in common with Jess, but ultimately what she figures out with Dean, (when emily throws her that party and they break up) also applies with Jess. Logan and Rory not only had things in common, but were running in the same circle. what i mean is that, Jess and Rory would be fundamentally different (classes, education etc), and although that can work in some cases, most people tend to gravitate towards people who they are more alike. sure Logan was an ass in the beginning, immature, but when that changed i think it was obvious, he was very much like Rory, and couldn’t have been a better fit for her and the life she seemed to have wanted, ever since she was a little girl.

    • mcityrk

      I guess my take on the episode is somewhat out of phase from most of what has been written previously. I always thought Rory felt cheated by Jess’s timing screwups in her HS senior year which prevented him from being her “first”. As a result she wandered relationship-wise during her first year at Yale and finally settled for Dean at that year’s conclusion just to get it over with using someone she was comfortable with.

      The residue of the guilt from that episode as being the “other woman” probably had more to do with pulling her back from Jess at the bookstore than her true feeling at that moment for Logan as she did not want to be a “cheater” again and further diminish her self-respect, certainly a theme of this season’s Rory story arc. It was only after she saw how close she came to losing Logan due to the jump accident that Rory really crystalized her feelings for Logan as the one she had to be with.

      I also think Jess and Rory had totally opposite definitions of “fixed”: Jess meaning did you dump the idiot, Rory meaning the relationship was back together. I think with the passage of times that Jess’s ever increasing enterprenurial skills would have permitted the “social circle” differences between Rory and Jess to come more in line and no longer be a barrier.

    • Nikki

      ughhhhh i am soooo mad!!!! rory and jess are meant to be together, they would make each other so happy. in this episode it makes it clear that they should be together, he was the one who made her realize that she needs to go back to yale and move out of her grandparents house! plus there is a reason why he keeps coming back to starshallow….

    • Caro

      Unlike some of the posters above said, I don’t think that Rory still had feelings for Jess; I see it more as her attempt to get back at Logan. As a matter of fact, I think that she and Jess were never a good couple in the first place. Yes, they were in love at the time, but it sounds to me more like a fase than something strong. He treated her and the most important people to her horribly when they were together, and by the time he grew up she had moved on and fallen in love again.
      Rory’s charachter was so selfish and unfair in this episode; it was after what I supposse was the guilt for hurting someone she cared about that she went back to being the Rory she used to be. Logan’s accident also played a huge part there.
      She pulled herself together, or finished the process that began with her going back to Yale.

    • Leela

      I agree with Mcityrk, Jess should have been her ‘first’ and also that she also doesn’t want to be a cheater again. But I also think that this time Jess did deserve it. I love Jess/Rory, they had an incredible chemistry that was compelling viewing, both very different yet somehow so similar, and flawed in a way that was surprisingly realistic for a comedy-drama. BUT Jess did leave her THREE times without saying goodbye – they had unfinished business and Rory never really got closure. That’s what happens when such an intense relationship ends so suddenly, and never gets discussed again. I think she went to see him because his opinion and presence mattered to her, especially after their last meeting – he had shown wisdom, solidity and self restraint which she found comforting. I think even in the old days, she looked up to him a little, he was the streetwise, self-reliant one after all, even if he was actually quite insecure. So she goes to find her old sweetheart, someone who ‘knows’ her, because she feels lost and confused. When he kisses her, she once again finds it impossible to resist, but also, I think for just a moment she allows herself to do it, partly to get back at both Jess and Logan, a moment of selfishness before her conscience kicks in. And besides, kissing Jess isn’t the same anymore, it’s too late. AS soon as she does it, she knows that things have changed. I still think (and hope) Jess and Rory have a future, but this, for Rory, necessary to actually turn the page. My twopence worth…:-)