Hilary Duff Going “Punk Rock”

Hilary Duff chased up her night of partying with some time at the gym today. But, while that may be mundane, Hilary Duff was quoted last night about her unique safety-pin earrings saying she’s “trying to be a little punk rock!”

Hilary Duff Gym

Do you think Hilary will start a new punk rock trend with those earrings? And do you like Hilary more glammed up like last night, or more casual like today?

Hilary Duff GymHilary Duff GymHilary Duff GymHilary Duff GymHilary Duff Gym

Images: INF

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    • Liz

      whether she is all dressed up or casual, i still get fashion tips from her! everyday!

      btw, do you know where we can find those earrings, or ones like them?? they are SO cool!

    • Material-Girl

      OH yeah..that’ll definately become a style…afterall she is a fashionable person, everything she wears is a style!
      p.s. I love her bag!!!!!

    • hil

      Hilary you not 15 no more. your punk rock days are over.

    • natalie

      she look so pretty luv u hil!!

    • Frank Street

      With real rock, upon which punk was a bias, there is no age limit or restriction.

    • me

      Punk rock?! ahahahaha i love her, she’s too cute.
      I kinda lke the safety pin earring, though.

    • holly

      She should go all punk rock I’d love that! punk rock with her music and i’ll be the happiest girl alive..looking adorable :)

    • http://hilarynews.com Hilary Duff at Harve Legel Party

      That,s AWSOME FOR HER!! she,s a young lady trying too find a style thats perfect.

    • Sarah

      I love how much in shape she is.. she must be STRONG by now!