Rumors About Lindsay’s Weight Loss

Lindsay Lohan Bikini Tide PoolLast week Lindsay Lohan spoke with E! about how she’s doing great post break-up with Samantha, and how much support she gets from her family. US Magazine is attributing more to that interview; specifically, they mention that Lindsay said she was “eating enough” and that her trip to Hawaii was great, including “hiking and everything.”

US Weekly continues on the topic of Lindsay’s weight, “confirming” from a “source” that Lindsay has been taking Adderall to lose weight (the drug is for ADD). Of course, anyone can claim to be a “source” and anyone can make things up.

Border Woes

There’s also an unconfirmed rumor that Lindsay Lohan was held up at the Canadian border on her way to Montreal on the weekend. The immigration officials reportedly were not happy with Lindsay’s DUI arrests and questioned her for an hour before letting her enter the country.


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    • ImKharn

      I have seen people loose a lot of weight combining adderall with a little excersize.
      The 10mg pill i take makes me not hungry for 6 hours. Its a great way to lose weight and it helps you to focus. Although she doesnt need to lose weight.

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    • lizagill

      I agree taking diet pills are the easy and effective way of weight loss but only when if you have full knowledge about it’s review, results, any possible side effects if any..then only it will be effective to lose weight..You can buy diet pills but after the appropriate information best is what suits you..right? Here is your way to buy..