Daniel Eric Gold’s McDonalds Commercial

A couple of weeks ago, when this flashed on our TV, my family made me rewind the DVR to view it again.  Sure enough, it was Ugly Betty’s Daniel Eric Gold starring in a commercial for McDonald’s dollar menu:

Hey, if you’ll remember, David Blue had a killer Subway commercial.

Gold is really starting to grow on me.  I think where his real comedic talent lies is playing it straight while ridiculous things are happening all around him.  Sort of like Bob Newhart back in the day.  There’s no better environment for that kind of comedy than the world of Mode and Meade, and the Suarezes.  Throw in a dysfunctional, rich family, and Gold has a, er, goldmine of opportunity to look confused and bemused.

I thought they went overboard in Ugly Betty episode 3.20, Rabbit Test, with Matt’s “disappointed” look.  But, I think Gold’s stint on the show can produce some great comedy, if the producers use him correctly.  Just put him in a room with Marc and Amanda and let them go!

Oh, and the commercial is funny – I love the spot of spray tan!

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    • mjade2

      I really do kind of love Matt!

    • http://johnlwright.tumblr.com Gio_Bravo
    • Anne

      I HATE MATT!!! The sooner he leaves the show the better!! Betty has to be with Daniel!!!!!!!!!

    • snuggles

      I remember seeing that commercial a while back & began seeing it on tv again recently.. someone mentioned that it was Matt & I saw it again & yup it was him..I thought the commercial was pretty funny. I’m with you Tom, he is kind of growing on me as time goes on. I think when he interacts with Marc & Amanda it’s pretty funny by just the way he is & Marc & Amanda can be catty at times.
      BTW Tom, what do you think… will Daniel Eric Gold join the regular cast full time next season or will still just be re-occuring?? I ‘m guessing that he will be part of the cast..

    • http://youtube.com/iamthecee iamthecee

      I know this is old news, but I just discovered Ugly Betty’s Official Youtube Channel. Yay me!! :)

    • miss_t

      Aww thank you Tom. I was tryna find this commercial so i can post but i couldnt find it. cutting his hair was a major upgrade!

    • http://stagerightnow.com Susan Gruenberg

      I think that Daniel (Matt, that is) and America are great together, also ditto on his interaction with Marc and Amanda, his bemused expression is a perfect foil for their particular type of madness. He would make a wonderful addition to the cast. Also, as he is on a social par with Daniel their possessiveness of Betty would be a great ongoing conflict, more so if Daniel actually realizes how much he depends on Betty. How bad could it be to have two rich good looking guys fighting over a non traditional female lead.

    • Lisa Flores

      I love Matt! I can’t wait to see him more next season on Ugly Betty. He is a great actor and I love the chemistry between him and Betty. I truly hope Ugly Betty keeps him on the show for a while. Also, he seems to be a remarkable actor!

    • http://www.dsd.gov.za Hlubi Khuselo

      Yes I also LOVE Matt, i think he is the perfect match for Betty so far. I dont get why people love Betty with Mama Drama Henry!!!Sure hope Ugly Betty keeps him for the next season.


      I agly Henry must stay with the MOTHER of his BABY…Daniel is a great actor it will be great to see him on the next season of Ugly Betty.

    • Sana

      I LOVE MATT!!!Hopefully,Betty and Matt will get back together in season 4.

    • kelcy

      I like Matt & Betty together.Hopefully there won’t be another relationship triangle next season as it seems every season..Betty will have enough to deal with at her new job & dealing with Matt as her new boss who will probably make her work life difficult for awhile. I’m sure they will both still have unresolved feelings for each other in the process.Daniel would be a great addition to the already close knit cast..

    • Cherry

      OMG….I do love Matt….he’s hot and cute…..ha
      I can’t wait to see Ugly Betty Season 4……

    • lijun

      OMG….I do love Matt….he’s hot and cute…..ha
      I can’t wait to see Ugly Betty Season 4……

    • lijun

      hi,everybody,i love ugly betty