The Reason Behind Jill vs Bethenny

We’ll finally get to see the reasons behind the Bethenny vs. Jill fight in tomorrow night’s finale of season 2 of Real Housewives of New York City. On the night of the famous charity event for Creaky Joints, Jill and Ramona arrive at the venue early to take care of last minute details and put together gift bags. Ramona starts itching for a glass of white wine and hurries over to the bar, which is covered in signage for Frangelico and Bethenny’s Skinny Girl logo (the one Alex made in butt ugly Comic Sans font). She hurries to tell Jill, who gets pissed because they could’ve used that space behind the bar for other sponsors. In the end they remove most of the signs.

Here’s what I think: Jill does have a right to be upset; Bethenny should’ve told her the amount of signage Frangelico was going to put up. It is Jill’s event, after all. On the other hand, Bethenny was the one who brought the alcohol sponsor on. This was likely what they agreed to in exchange for providing free alcohol. But still, B should have said something. And considering what Jill has done for Bethenny: given her a free place to stay over the summer, re-did her apartment at a substantal discount with labor from Zarin Fabrics and lord only knows what else, it was only fair that B at least let Jill know how much of the signage was going to be dedicated to promoting Bethenny’s brand.

However, I do think Ramona decided to stir the pot and overreacted, knowing that Jill was already anxious about the party. It’s classic “mean girl” behavior to try to pit friends against each other. What do you think?

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    • Kelli

      At the last charity Jill sponsored she let Bethenny bring her “Skinny Drinks”…Jill and Bethenny are BFF’s …I think Jill is acting very wierd! Not her self…she should let Bethenny leave the signage. I really think Bethenny is going to be more hurt…Romona is being very Catty about this and got Jill all fired up…I am so surprised that she is doing this to her BFF! I hope Jill doesn’t regret it…Bethenny sticks up for Jill all the time…I just don’t get it!! :(

    • FO

      Can I just digress for a second and say OMG COMIC SANS?! There was actually an article on Yahoo the other day about how Comic Sans is the most reviled font currently in existence. Even Papyrus is slightly better, but they are both completely unacceptable for a graphic designer to do. I say that even as I’ve become oh-so-slightly grudgingly fond of Alex.

      That being ranted (and mind you, I haven’t seen the episode yet being on the west coast), why not have the liquor sponsors on the bar and then prominent signage elsewhere for all the regular sponsors? I used work as an event coordinator for a nonprofit, so that seems most logical to me. Not that, you know, logic is a huge part in any of these housewife shows.

      I have a feeling that Jill and Bethenny will easily mend their bust-up – they’re both pretty outspoken so I think they’ll air it all out and then be done with it.

    • Maria Diaz

      I’m appalled that Alex, a graphic designer, would allow her COMIC SANS creation to be featured as an advertisement for her work on national tv.

      And also, I think Ramona just took advantage of Jill’s anxious state. I bet she probably hadn’t eaten anything all day and was on edge. Ramona capitalized to try and make a fight that wouldn’t have been a big deal if B had just shown it to her initially. But you’re right — logic plays no part!

    • pam

      Bethany would be the first one to complain if any of the other business girls wanted to advertise behind the bar. Lets face it she should have asked Jill if it was ok or what does she think of it. Then they could have talked it over and in the end I’m sure Jill would have said fine. But Bethany is such a wack job and always on an emotional edge, ready to rumble with anyone.

    • stella

      i havent seen the episode yet (cant wait!) but i bet Bethenny didn’t mean anything by it. and Jill was really stressed. Ramona was laughing! ughh

    • RV

      Ramona was looking for trouble as usual. Of course the companies providing complimentary cocktails would want some sponsorship which was what happened. It was so obvious how much Ramona enjoyed throwing Bethanny under the bus and talking about her behind her back.

    • Jeannie

      Ramona and Kelly are total haters when it comes to Bethenny. Lu-Ann, Jill and Bethenny are the chillest “housewives” ever. Alex is WEAK. I cant even watch when Kelly speaks, she SOOOO full of shit and herself, which may be redundant, either way she and Ramona are skankalicious.

    • Stace

      This show is mind numbing, but it’s fun to watch!! I can’t stand Ramona. I am embarrassed for her…she is so incredibly awkward in social situations. She oozes HUGE self-esteem issues and needs social coaching along with self worth training. Ramona THINKS she has it together, but really she is a fake as a $3 dollar bill and just a cheeky, dramatic cow! Lu-Ann…oh LA…GET OVER YOURSELF!! You’re American, not a European aristocracy, so stop thinking you have the monopoly on etiquette!!! I watch over and over again the etiquette foibles you commit on every episode. Alex…poor Alex…Jill, she does have a good heart…I like Jill…I LOVE Bethanny!! Very real and very grounded. Kelly…someone inflated her her head, the air is leaking out!! Not only is she ‘full’ of herself, but she is full of air…especially between the ears!!!

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