“The Bridget Show” Screening

Lauren Graham All My SonsIt’s time for the Fall upfronts, with networks previewing their new pilots for the eager press. Among those, Lauren Graham‘s new ABC comedy pilot, The Bridget Show, will be shown and is listed as “promising”. Probably we’ll hear a lot more about this screening during the week!

You can also VOTE FOR LAUREN in the 2009 Theater Fans’ Choice Awards at Broadway.com. Guys and Dolls is up in a number of categories, but Lauren is up only for “Best Leading Actress in a Musical”. Lauren is currently in 5th place, with Alice Ripley leading the votes.

Also for fan voting, you can Nominate your favorites in the Audience Awards. Guys and Dolls is not up for one of these, though Kelly Bishop (Emily Gilmore) play, Becky Shaw, is up for votes!

Thanks Jen & Michael & Regis! ; Image: Newscom

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    • Cheri

      In the Audience Awards nominations, there are several catagories where you can vote for Lauren and the others in Guys and Dolls. More than there are in the Theater Fan’s Choice Awards at Broadway.com.