Martha Byrne Is Coming To General Hospital!


Martha Byrne is joining General Hospital. This is probably the best news I’ve heard all week. Well, besides hunky Real Andrews possibly joining OLTL. The multi Emmy winner is going to play Andrea Lloyd, the wife of the Mayor. She’ll first appear in Port Charles on June 17th.

As The World’s Turn major loss is General Hospital’s gain. I know some people would say, “oh another unnecessary hire”. I’d agree with you if this just some newcomer with no business being added in any show’s canvas. But this is Martha Byrne. Aka Lily and Rose of ATWT. One of the best actresses in Daytime. Her work and impressive awards demand respect and well, adulation, from me anyway.

Personally, I’m happy to see Martha Byrne on my TV again. And she’s not playing a recast so that’s a plus. GH is introducing a new story with the Mayor of Port Charles. Frankly, that’s something to look forward to after all the Robin PPD, women falling over for Sonny, and annoying Mob storylines.

Let’s hope this Andrea Lloyd character is a strong, powerful, and feisty like Diane and Alexis.

(Source : HotSheet) (Image : INF)

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