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Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix - Arrivals

I just read the best interview of Matt Lewis (Neville Longbottom); in it, he talks about Rupert Grint and how it’s pretty much impossible to work with him because of his propensity to giggle…and then cause everyone ELSE to do the same! Here’s what he had to say:

Question: When filming, who is the biggest giggler of all of you?

Matthew Lewis: Rupert Grint. Definitely. Without a doubt. He’s the worst. I mean, he’s so funny, and the thing is, he’s got such an infectious laugh. There’s one scene in particular, we were doing the Room of Requirement stuff, and if you remember, there is glass all the way around. And so the scene where Umbridge, is breaking through and blown a hole in the wall. And we’re all supposed to be looking terrified at this wall, it’s scary, blah, blah, blah. Instead I can just see Rupert in the reflection… laughing. And that’s it I’m gone, I’m gone.

‘Cause I can hear him, not only can I see him. And then I start laughing, Dan goes, and that’s it, everyone’s gone. So that’s it the rest of us have to go off and take ten minutes to calm down. And there’s been so many. One line that Rupert had in Order of the Phoenix that I believe was cut because we couldn’t get it right, and that was, “Unless you want a fistful of Weasley…” (audience laughs) He’s supposed to say that to Seamus when he was criticizing Harry. …that was the whole…everyone just fell out. So that was cut. But definitely Rupert Grint, without a doubt.

Question: You know how you said before about Rupert Grint? Well, in one scene a scene with Buckbeak in Prisoner of Azkaban, if you look carefully, you can see that Emma Watson was holding back a laugh.

Matthew Lewis: Yeah, you can see in that scene. You can. There’s a couple of scenes like that. I’m trying to think of one in particular. There’s one…Even in Order of the Phoenix, you know when Rupert gets hit by Snape with a book, he starts laughing! He’s laughing…watch it again, honestly. He’s laughing. That one with Emma Watson’s true, she’s laughing as well. And a ton of scenes. Because we have so much fun. We’re so…Ah, we shouldn’t be having this much fun, when you guys have been waiting so long for the film. I’m really sorry. (laughter). I couldn’t think of a better place to work. Honestly, it’s great. Um, there’s another scene. If you look on the special features for, I think, it’s Order of the Phoenix, they talk about Rupert laughing and there’s a bit where he’s laughing in this scene that is not funny whatsoever. And he sees the camera looking at him. And so he thinks for a minute, and then he just sidesteps behind an extra (laughter) and it’s really obvious. And it’s on the dvd special feature, you gotta watch it. And I was talking to him the other day. And he says, “Sometimes when we’re eating I like to move a bit of toast just to my mouth.” And he’ll move a bit of toast to cover him up. Stuff like that. He’s just terrible. Never work with children, animals, or Rupert Grint! [laughs]

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    • taylor

      bwahaha i so love rupert

    • CiCI

      I would do anything to meet Rupert Grint. My friend asked me one day what i would do if i found out that Rupert was mean, and i told her my world would fall apart. I knew he was fun. I LOVVE HIM!!