• Thu, Apr 30 2009

Paula Abdul Duped by “Brüno”

Just as his last character, Borat, took advantage of the trusting nature of Americans, Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Brüno” successfully duped American Idol bruno posterjudge, Paula Abdul.

Brüno is a very openly gay Austrian TV reporter who, according to Page Six, approached Paula Abdul and told her that she was very popular in his country and got her to agree to do an interview.  "Paula was totally fooled. She bought into his character and to this day isn’t aware she was fooled," an insider said.

She’s not the first recognizable name to be taken in my by the character.  Texas Republican, Ron Paul, admitted to being tricked and even said that he “should have punched Brüno.”

The film Brüno hits theaters on July 10, 2009.  Will you go to see it?

image: Universal Pictures

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