“What Goes Up” Soundtrack Now Available

It’s early! The soundtrack for Hilary Duff’s movie, What Goes Up, including her new single “Any Other Day,” are now available on iTunes!

The full soundtrack album, which includes 17 songs, is available for $9.99. The singles available, including “Any Other Day”, can be purchased for $0.99. The album will be released as a physical CD to stores during the week of May 4th.

Click THIS LINK to go directly to the Soundtrack on iTunes or CLICK HERE for the single for “Any Other Day”.

Image via WGU team

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    • thomas

      First! In myu opinion “Any other day is hilary´s worst song ever!! But that´s just my opinion..i really didn´t like it!

    • rachel

      agreed. I don’t really like it. It doesn’t even sound like her and the song makes NO sense.

    • tranghil

      you guys up there r the most stupid one ever! this song is terribly good!!!!! in my opinion too:p you just wont see the movie yet, doesnt mean the song is bad. it sound great to me, and maybe to the whole world too. why can u be so fast to judge some song good or not like that?????? your stupid, just see it someday:)))

    • tranghil

      oh yeah you r. I love this song:X:X:X:X:X:X:x xoxoxoxoxo I LOVE HIL:x:x:x:x:x XOXOXOXO

    • natalie


    • Vichy

      I really, really loved the song. Hilary has done a great job. People should listen to the entire song and then comment. What’s wrong with the ones above?

    • Dylan

      This masterpiece deserves a video clip immediately !!!
      “Any Other Day” is the best Hilary song (2006-2009) by far !!!
      Cant stop hearing it.

      Thank you for this one Hilary !!!