Michael’s Experience Meeting Lauren Graham

Earlier this week I shared with you Megan’s experience meeting Lauren Graham on April 17th, and now I have another great fan experience from Michael, who has been a long-time reader of crushable.com and is great at passing news tips!

Lauren Graham With Fan

Michael met Lauren on April 17th as well, after a production of Guys and Dolls. Michael was lucky enough to know someone on Broadway who got him backstage access!

I actually got to meet her, and she was SO sweet and nice! I got two pictures of me and her (excuse the zoom). We also told her that we came there for my birthday, so she signed my Luke’s hat Happy Birthday, and also signed my Playbill!!!!! It was incredible!!! While backstage, I saw some of her costumes,wigs, props, sets, and saw where she does some of her quick changes! The backstage is so small that in order to get to the other side of the stage, everyone has to go in a small narrow hallway underneath the stage with all of the tech rooms on either sides. My experience was amazing, and it is the highlight of my life!!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Check out the other photos Michael has shared with us:

Lauren Graham With FanLauren Graham With FanLauren Graham With Fan

If you also have a chance to see Guys and Dolls and to meet Lauren Graham, email me with your experience and/or photos!

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    • Sherilyn

      she’s so sweet!

    • Jessica King

      He is lucky
      I wish I can meet and talk to Lauren there

    • Cheri

      Michael, to see Guys and Dolls, meet Lauren and be able to go back stage to see everything had to be an amazing experience. I am really excited for you yet also very jealous. Glad you had such a great time. Happy Belated Birthday.

    • Michelle

      I just met her this past weekend as well. She is beautiful and so nice. I got her to autograph a Guys and Dolls pic on the Friday night and when I went back Saturday to actually watch the show, I got her to autograph a GG script. We talked to!! So I know how excited Michael was!!! Happy Birthday!

    • Meredith

      i’m so jealous of everyone who gets to meet lauren graham!

      i’m hopefully going to see guys and dolls next week. Michelle, how were you able to meet lauren? i wish i could do the same.

    • http://OrdinaryAndAwesome.com Sara Bonds

      Lucky guy. I would have cried. :o)