Britney Spears dancing troubles

The rumors that Britney Spears is pregnant never seem to die down. Any photo that shows the slightest hint of a belly gets the stories spinning again. Now, the latest story is going to have people assuming she’s pregnant again.

Supposedly, Britney has been having trouble keeping up with the intense dance routines – because she’s allegedly dizzy and nauseous, particularly when she performs a hardcore move that involves two of her dancers hanging from the ceiling while holding her, spinning, upside down.

According to sources:

“She spins around for nearly five minutes some nights. The blood rushes to her head and when she gets down she complains of nausea and dizziness. There have been a couple of times when she ran off stage and vomited.”

Now, personally I would assume that spinning upside down for five minutes at a time would pretty much make ANYONE nauseous and dizzy. I can’t even spin around while standing up on the ground without getting dizzy.

But because this is Britney Spears, though, you can guarantee people will be screaming pregnancy any second now. It doesn’t help that rumors are still swirling as to whether or not there’s a romance going on between Britney and her back-up dancer, Chase Benz, because everyone has a would-be-father to pin it on too!

I don’t think Britney is pregnant, to be honest. Are you in the pregnant or not pregnant camp?

Image: Newscom


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