Free Radio: Scenes You Didn’t See This Week

On the most recent episode of Free Radio, there were several guests in the studio who had a lot to say. Not all of it made it to the air. Here are some really fun clips you didn’t see!

John Stamos asks Anna how much money it would take for her to kiss Lance. Both Lance & Anna totally react like they are crazy people. Then, stay tuned to find out what Lance says is the reason John Stamos hasn’t been in more movies. Hint…”exploding vaginas”

Fans of The Big Bang Theory ill love this clip with Jim Parsons. Lance reveals a sordid story from his days in summer camp. It’s hilarious!

Here’s a clip with Kathy Griffin. She asks who dresses Lance and how anyone can figure him out. Find out what Anna says is the reason women gang up on Lance. LOL!

Be sure to tune in for Free Radio 2 on Thursday on VH1.

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